Watery Glaives

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Watery Glaives
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:026
Suggested Level:60+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

Strange phenomena are occuring in the hidden passages beneath Balandor. A band of adventurers was sent to investigate reports of an undead horde, but has not returned. Go in and investigate.

Defeat the ghouls and escape from the waterway.


  • Players(s) wiped out during boss battle.
  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] How To Run The Quest

Rank is not based on time, but on the number of miasma pools cleared, there's a total 20 of them, to get S rank you need to clear them all. However, clearing 10 points will result in fighting just Avaluis in the boss fight by itself.

In boss you fight a regular wraith and Avaluis, bounty wraith. It's best to have one person take away Avaluis until the party kills the regular wraith.

Wraiths make themselves invisible, this makes them immune to both physical and magical attacks, you can still debuff him. When invisible they use an charing attack named Reaper scythe, attack them as soon as you see it to break his attack and make him vulnerable again, if you aren't strong enough to break it use knight's turn break instead.

[edit] Walkthrough

Start off by leaving your cell, in one of the cells, NPC named Lutz stands before it, is a tunnel leading outside the cellar. This will lead you to the first star location (D-4), which is filled with skeletons, keep killing them until they stop respawning.

Use the now unlocked door and talk to the NPC Fousheri to get purifying holy water, it's needed to clear the miasma pools.

First miasma pools in the upper right corner of D-5, continue towards the next star location, use the lever in D-4 on the way and C-4 and clear the miasma pool in lower right corner of B-4.

In next star (C-4) location you'll have to kill all the succubi, this will make a miasma pool appear. There's a miasma pool in C-3 before the next star location.

Continue to the star location (C-3), once again keep killing the shadow soldiers until they stop respawning and clear the miasma pool that appears. After this go to the square room in D-3/D-4, kill all the shadow soldiers and clear the miasma pools that appeared.

Go to the next star location (C-2), you'll figh the succubi sisters bounties, kill them and clear the miasma pool.

After this one person should go fetch the Greede lubricant, which you can get in the area located past the gate in B-1, one miasma pool in C-2 on the way there. There you'll find a group of bandits, kill them and talk to the NPC Hank. Use the lubricant on the lever in C-3 (upper left corner) and clear the miasma pools in the square room in C-3.

The others should go to the other star location in D-2 in the meantime and kill the wraith there, miasma pools appear after you kill him.

Now you should get a message, that all of the miasma pools have been cleared. Go to the last star location in B-3 and talk to Nekumi to start the boss fight. You'll fight Abbadon, wraith and a group of succubi. All are weak to fire and slash attacks.

[edit] Reward

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