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General Longsword Build

If you see theicon, it simply marked there meaning to see my notes which are below the section for an explanation. Sometimes it may be a tip or my opinion about something as well.

Description of the class

Longswords are one of the two main damage dealer classes†, the other being Axe.

Nye's Notes: Yes I am aware that classes like Spear and Sword can provide great damage as well but the target of those two classes are not to provide 'the best' damage. Same with Bows.

Pros & Cons


  • Fairly high and stable damage.
  • Passive skill that increases speed while HP is lowered.
  • Strong Slash-Type and Thrust-Type attacks.


  • Very slow (depending on your choice of attacks).
  • All 20MP attacks have very long animations.
  • Lack of AoE attacks.
  • Lack of strong Strike-Type attacks.
  • Overall less damage output than a Axe user of the same caliber.

Debatable Cons

  • Lack of unique skills. Many LS users avoid using a lot of skills in the LS skill tree other than the basics and only get whats needed to unlock certain skills.
  • Lack of elemental skills. Elemental weapons are much more efficient.



Longswords and Katanas. Longswords have normal durability and a normal crit rate while Katana's have low durability but a higher crit rate. Highly recommend you get a 5 Longswords/Katanas, four with each element and one non-elemental. Your free to make the ones for certain monsters such as Demon King's Blade for Gigas type monsters and Egrigori for non-elemental dragons like Ancient Dragons and Netherwyrms.

Nye's Notes: I would not worry about elemental weapons until you've reached GR26+, although your free to play around with weapons til then.

The Best Weapon Set

As of NA version, v1.01 would be:

Nye's Notes: Though this would require an insane amount of Vessels of Truths so it is not recommended.

The Most Recommended Set

Nye's Notes: This would be the most recommend for end-game because Luxbringers are the the 3rd highest ATK Longswords and can be enhanced in any elemental route. The second highest ATK LS would be Aparajita but the -100 HP and the inability to be enhance to any elemental route makes it a very bad choice for a LS user.

Variety Weapon Set

  • Luxbringer or True King's Longsword; +20 Raw. Highest Raw damage out of the other weapons for this choice.
  • Durendal; +1 Earth / +19 Raw. Amazing weapon against trolls since Durendal has the Troll Killer special ability as well as Trolls being weak to earth elemental attacks.
  • Laevateinn +20 Raw. Laevateinn already has +7 Fire, which is amazing and means you can simply enhance it raw.
  • Zen Blade +1 Ice / + 19 Raw. No overall benefits.
  • Your Wind elemental weapon is up to you. I would recommend Godslayer as it provides STR/DEX as you enhance as every other Longsword/Katana (other than the ones above) will provide MP/INT, but Godslayer is red, so if you have an issue with a red sword being wind elemental, feel free to use any other weapon such as Golden Wolf II.

For Under GR 26

  • Simply use the best weapon you can get your hands on. Easy as that.


I'll honestly leave this up to you but some things I'll mention

  • Focus on STR and try to keep your DEX up. HP gear is a great help too.
  • I don't recommend you use Spectral gear unless they are enhanced decently high. Why? Because using a decent combination of other gear can provide much better stats and require less the effort to enhance to 20. The only benefit from low level Spectral gear is the HP.
  • Heavy armor is not, I repeat, is not required. You can wear it yes, but it is not required.
  • Wearing heavy armor keeps you from being knocked down less often from physical attacks and wearing light armor keeps you from being knocked down less often from magical attacks.
  • If your willing too, get armor sets for certain quest such as quests with a lot of magic monsters like Windfrockers, high RES would be recommended but something like Enemy Mines, RES is completely useless. Of course it doesn't hurt to have both.

Nye's Notes: If you like having your character look nice or one of those players who play for looks over stats, I will say that most gear suited for end-game LS users are fairly ugly and un-creative version of a lower level gear, of course it's just my opinion. Enjoy looking like every other player."


A more detailed chart of the Longsword Skills

LS Skill Tree

Skills marked [ X ] mean get.
Skills marked [ _ ] mean don't.
For skills marked [ ? ], read my notes.

[ X ] Hack
[ X ] Dual Fang
[ X ] Triple Fang
[ X ] Deadly Fang
[ X ] Run Through
[ X ] Wolf's Grin
[ X ] Dragon's Fang
[ X ] Final Fan
[ X ] Clean
[ X ] Grinder
[ X ] Beast Claw
[ X ] Giant Claw
[ X ] Dragon Claw
[ X ] Sky Fang
[ X ] Sky Grinder
[ X ] Chastise
[ X ] Crackdown
[ ? ] Sparrowfall
[ X ] Dragonfall
[ X ] Void Strike
[ X ] Void Storm
[ X ] Void Crash
[ _ ] Flame Fang
[ _ ] Firewyrm Claw
[ _ ] Spinning Blaze
[ _ ] Flameshock
[ _ ] Ice Fang
[ _ ] Icywrm Claw
[ ? ] Waterfall
[ _ ] Glacial Crash
[ X ] Warrior's Aura
[ X ] Hunter's Aura
[ X ] Demon's Aura
[ X ] Magic Ward
[ X ] Magic Breaker
[ X ] Spirit Ward
[ X ] Spirit Breaker
[ X ] Last Resort
[ X ] Streak Rush
[ X ] Anchor Blade
[ X ] Serpant Fang
[ ? ] Enfeeble Counter
[ _ ] Deadeye Blade
[ X ] Swordsman 1
[ X ] Swordsman 2
[ X ] Swordsman 3
[ X ] Swordsman 4
[ X ] Swordsman 5
[ X ] Adrenaline Rush
[ X ] Greatsword Prowess 1
[ X ] Greatsword Prowess 2
[ X ] Greatsword Prowess 3
[ X ] Katana Prowess 1
[ X ] Katana Prowess 2
[ X ] Katana Prowess 3
[ X ] HP Up 1
[ X ] HP Up 2
[ X ] STR Up 1
[ X ] STR Up 2
[ X ] VIT Up 1
[ X ] VIT Up 2

Nye's Notes: "What? Why shouldn't I get Sparrowfall?" Simple, because it's useless. First off, there are no monsters in the game that will require to you use a mid-air thrust-type move to knock down, so unless you use a lot of combos and want and mid-air thrust-type move for your combo, it's not needed. "What about when Elite Giants use their shields!? They're weak against thrust!" When their shield is up, yes you want to attack the shield, but being a thrust-type attack would not matter as the shield is strong too all. Just use Crackdown in this situation."

I've seen a lot of players get Waterfall (+3 Strike mid air / +4 Ice) and honestly, I'm going to say it's a waste of points, since you have to learn multiple other useless skills to obtain it. There is only four reasons why any melee class should ever use mid-air skills, the first is to knock down a monster that requires hitting something unreachable from the ground by melee, usually the head. Dragons for example. The second is to break guard for monsters with shields, Elite Giants and Knaves (read my note about Sparrowfall again for explanation). The third reason is for Wyverns as they can take flight rendering melee ground skills useless but you'd use Crackdown in this situation as Wyverns are weak to Slash. The fourth reason is for breaking but is very limited to only Golem type and Knave monsters in this case. Assuming your entire party is limited to only melee and somehow everyone else in your party can't even use a Bow, then the melee users would have to use mid-air attacks to break the head after knocking them down. That situation is incredibly rare since this game has a vast amount of mages and players with Bow skills as a side/main class. A LS user would never need to use a strike-type mid-air attack for damage output in any other situation.

Enfeeble Counter can be a great skill or a completely useless skill depending on the player and their timing. Enfeeble counter not only defends and attacks but it can also paralyses, which is amazing if used properly. The downfall of this skill is that it requires your command circle to be fully filled, you can't use it otherwise unlike Defend command which can be activated while it's still filling. Enfeeble Counter also cannot be cancel instantly like Defend, there is a time you have to wait before you can cancel, usually a few seconds but those few seconds matter. If your aware of your monster skills and know your timing, I'd recommend you get it, if not, just stick with Defend.

Other Class Passive Skills

Numbered by priority. I'm sorry but I won't be listing the skills to obtain the passives for each class, please look it up on gamefaqs as there is a very good stickied guide on how to get each.

Main Passives

Priority passive skills, get these.

  • 1. Axe : STR Up 1 / STR Up 1 / HP Up 2 / HP Up 2
  • 2. Short Sword : DEX Up 1 / DEX Up 2 / HP Up 1 / HP Up 2
  • 3. Bow : DEX Up 1 / Dex Up 2 / MP Up 1 / MP Up 2
  • 4. Spear : HP Up 1 / HP Up 2
  • 5. Divine : MP Up 1†

Secondary Passives

Get these passives as second priority after obtaining the main.

  • 1. Axe : VIT Up 1 / VIT Up 2
  • 2. Spear : VIT Up 1 / VIT Up 2
  • 3. Bow : AGI Up 1 / AGI Up 2
  • 4 Short Sword  : AGI Up 1 / AGI Up 2
  • 5 Divine: MP Up 2 / MP Up 3†

Least Needed Passives

These are lowest priority, get them if you have points to spare.

  • 1. Spear : SPR Up 1 / SPR Up 2
  • 2. Divine : SPR Up 1 / SPR Up 2 / SPR Up 3
  • 3. Elemental : MP Up 1 / SPR Up 1†
  • 4. Staff : MP Up 1 / SPR Up 1†

Nye's Note: Depending on how much you put into Divine, you should try to get as much of the MP Up skills as you can from that skill tree. At the very least get MP Up 1 from Divine. The reason Divine's MP UP 2 and 3 are in secondary are just in case you chose not to get them beforehand. The reason Elemental and Staff are only put up to 1 is because it'd depends on your build. If you decide to go any other class as a secondary, say Bow, then you will probably not have enough points to get to the Up 2 skills for Elemental and Staff, possibly not even the Up 1 skills depending on your build. It cost less SP to get bothElemental MP/SPR 1 and Staff MP/SPR 1 than it would be to get Elemental or Staff MP/SPR2.

Obvious Skills to Have

Must have these, though you should have them as every logical person should.

  • Holy Light (Divine) - For Skeletons, Succubus and Wraiths. A player with a quick reaction can also use the skill knock a monster down if targeting the damage part as it actually deals non-elemental magic similar to Eclipse Gate and Final Apocalypse. Holy Light+ is not needed.
  • Fate/Angel Favor (Divine) - For those situations where monsters deal deadly damage.
  • Heal (Divine) - I'd recommend up to Heal III.
  • Raise (Divine) - It's fine if you chose to learn Raise II (for Divine Lore) but do not use it in a battle situation as it takes to much time to cast.

Possible Skills to Have

Skills you can have depending on your build but not needed.

  • Refresh (Divine) - Cures multiple ailments.
  • Conflagration / Inundation / Electrocution / Disintegration (Elemental) - First of all, do not get these if you cannot get them all. The spells themselves are not meant for damage but to debuff the monster so that you can do more damage with your elemental weapons.
  • Divine Lore (Divine) - Not necessary but if you find yourself burning MP because you use a lot of Divine spells, feel free to use up some SP getting the skill, you can switch that Heal III with Heal IV as well.
  • Bow Skills - As a secondary build for support or for breaking monsters that are more difficult for a melee class.

What Skills To Have On My Command Set

In this section I will list some examples command sets, of course, how you put them on your command menu is up to you.

General Command Set
  • Hack
  • Deadly Fang
  • Run Through
  • Final Fang
  • Grinder or Dragon Claw
  • Crackdown
  • Dragonfall
  • Void Storm
  • Void Crash
  • Demon's Aura
  • Magic Breaker
  • Spirit Breaker
  • Anchor Blade
  • Serpent Fang
  • Heal III or Heal IV
  • Raise
  • Holy Light

17 / 21 slots.

Nye's Note: This is the most general set for most LS users. You'll have 4 free slots which you can throw whatever in like maybe Fate and Angel Favor for certain fights, or maybe other buffs like Fortify. You can use divine debuffs spells if you wish too. Combos too. I'd highly recommend Refresh if you got the skill. Use the 0 MP skills to take on minor monsters or Void Slash and the 20MP attacks for the larger enemies. Overall the set is nothing special and very generic.

Speed Command Set
  • Beast Claw
  • Giant Claw
  • Dragon Claw
  • Crackdown
  • Dragonfall
  • Void Storm
  • Void Crash
  • Demon's Aura
  • Magic Breaker
  • Spirit Breaker
  • Last Resort
  • Anchor Blade
  • Serpent Fang
  • Haste
  • Heal III or Heal IV
  • Raise
  • Holy Light
  • Fate Favor or Angel Favor

17/21 slots.

Nye's Note: This is the speed build for a LS. You'll have 4 free slots. Your free to throw in the 20MP attacks in there or any other attacks. For Fate and Angel Favor, it depends on the monster your up against, if needed, you can have both. A speed build focus on a lot of small hits but a lot of hits within a small amount of time unlike the General Set. All 3 of the Claw attacks have very fast attacking animations. For this build, you focus on that speed. There are two main routes for this set, first is using Haste before every battle, specifically on larger enemies as your normal speed would probably be to slow leaving your damage output worse than using nothing but Deadly Fang or Final Fang. The second route is to use Last Resort, a LS skill that damages the enemy at the cost of lowering your own HP, then start using the Claw attacks when your HP is low for the activation of the passive LS skill: Adrenaline Rush. If done probably, this build's DPS is by far superior compared to using nothing but Deadly Fang or Final Fang. If you ever find yourself in a party using Guardian Aura, you can literally use Last Resort until your in critical HP and your speed will be incredibly fast without having to worry about dying.

Elemental Command Set
  • Hack
  • Deadly Fang
  • Run Through
  • Final Fang
  • Grinder or Dragon Claw
  • Crackdown
  • Dragonfall
  • Void Storm
  • Void Crash
  • Demon's Aura
  • Anchor Blade
  • Serpent Fang
  • Conflagration
  • Inundation
  • Electrocution
  • Disintegration
  • Heal III or Heal IV
  • Raise
  • Holy Light

19 / 21 slots

Nye's Notes: Not much different from the General Set. Basically just has elemental debuffs thrown in. This set is if you chose to learn those spells and want to see big numbers as a LS user. You basically start off by casting the corresponding spell before the monster aggros you then attacking. Whether you use Demon's Aura before or after the spell is up to you. If your wondering why Mollify isn't on the list, well, you can put it on if you want but your already having to debuff once and buff yourself once with Demon's Aura. There's also a risk of using it as after casting the spell (you'd use the elemental spell first because it takes longer to cast). You'll probably be aggro'd and chance of being knocked down while casting from the first attack assuming your the target of the aggro. The reason Spirit and Magic Breaker is removed is because if you have to use too many debuffs, you'll be wasting your own time and this set is solely for maximizing your characters damage as those two don't increase your melee damage at all. Depending on your overall stats and monster against, you can easily hit 5~7ks at GR26+ on elemental weak monsters constantly with this build.

Did You Know? Fun Facts

  • If you use Demon's Aura and switch to another weapon, you'll keep the +ATK buff (and the -DEF)? A Bow user with Demon's Aura would have amazing damage output if hitting constants Bolt Doublers/Triplers and assuming you have high AGI, -DEF is nothing to worry about!. Demon's Aura greatly increases ATK so it's better than most other ATK buffs other classes have. Though the troubles of this would be having to switch skills, command sets if not set up and you lose all your AC if switching to a different kind of weapon. Of course this probably works with all buffs.
  • Anchor Blade is the best debuff in the game. No really, Slowing a monster is definitely the best debuff as it makes a monster attack less. Nothing is better than that other than stun but hey... everything that can be stunned is easy to kill and everything that isn't can't be stunned.. Also, Anchor Blade's slow effect is superior to the Divine spell Slow. Ever see someone try casting Slow on a monster after someone used Anchor Blade? "The spell had no effect." Why? Because Anchor Blade slows them down more than the spell does.
  • Every hit for Deadly Fang counts towards your damage, so debuffs like darkness which cause you to miss can put a a LS users in a horrible situation. Dam Wyverns!

About Me

If your wondering why I put this in here, as in my user account page, well, I'm not confident enough to for it to be in the main page yet. If you see anything incorrect whether it be typos, inaccurate information or anything else, feel free to contact me through the forums (though I can't say I'm active there, PSN/In-Game or even on my MyAnimeList account.

In game, I have been playing LS since the very beginning since GR1, I eventually started using Bows after hitting GR26 as well. You can usually find me jumping between the two even in the middle of battle. Though, I'm not a person who played the game from the first release, I only started playing mid-2012 with WKC2. Anyways, if you ever feel like contacting me in-game, my character is named Nyekun, member of the NekomimisFTW guild.

Anyways, I guess I should do this so thanks goes to Neoseeker Wiki and Gamefaqs for providing a great amount of information.

Other Info

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