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Boot Camp
GR Ranks GR 1, GR 7
Suggested Level 8+, 35+
Time Limit 00:30:00
Location Balastor Plain
Unlocks When Access World Map



  1. Speak to Sgt. Emery
  2. Kill 25 monsters
  3. Speak to Sgt. Emery again to complete quest


Notes and Tips

  • There are three trees that have Vespid Nests. If you shake them you will spawn 5 Giant Vespid
  • One Vespid Nest tree is close to the start, the other two are in a preset random location
  • The quest does not complete until you speak with Sgt. Emery twice
  • Complete in under 5 minutes to get S Rank


White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

    Quest Complete & Subquest Bonus GR Points
    TypeGR 1GR 7
    Quest Complete 900P 4000P
    Defeat Big Red Without Aid 1000P 5000P
    Points Required to Achieve Rank
    RankGR 1GR 7
    Time Bonus GR Points
    Time ReqGR 1GR 7
    [0:00:00]-[0:05:00] 400P 3000P
    [0:05:00]-[0:10:00] 300P 2250P
    [0:10:00]-[0:15:00] 200P 1500P
    [0:15:00]–[0:20:00] 100P 750P
    [0:20:00]–[0:30:00] 0P 0P
    Enemy Bonus GR Points (Per Kill)
    Enemy NameGR 1GR 7
    Polkan 5P 20P
    Kibble 5P 20P
    Giant Vespid 5P 20P
    Total Guilder Awarded by Rank Achieved
    Rank RequiredGR 1GR 7
    S 75G 550G
    A 60G 450G
    B 45G 350G
    C 30G 250G
    D 15G 150G
    Possible Quest Loot
    GR 1GR 7
    Heal Potion S
    Mana Potion S
    Goddess Tear S
    Cactus Flower S
    Yellow Pollen Grain S
    Salmonberry S
    Fluffy Cap S
    Sopor Fungus S