Theatre of the Gods

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Theatre of the Gods
Locations:Dogma Rift
Unlocks When:Login after Date May 6, 2010
Guild Ranks:912
Suggested Level:46+50+


[edit] Walkthrough

  • RunNorth and then go to the West transporter.
  • Kill all the elementals in the next room and get the key from the Judge standing nearby.
  • Continue to the NorthWest. Killing elementals and talk to the judge and obtaining another Alpha key.
  • Backtrack to teleporter at lower D2-> back to start.
  • Use the key to open any alpha chest you like of varying color, to fight a dragon and 4 lesser monsters. Water is ice dragon, earth is earth, etc.
  • Run South and pick another chest / dragon fight.
  • Run South and this time go to the East transporter.
  • Kill the Gigas / talk to the judge / obtain a Beta key.
  • Take the teleporter at North of your fight - NOTE the North East teleporter DOES NOT WORK.
  • Run South and pick a chest / dragon fight (2 dragons and 4 lesser monsters).
  • Run South and take the West teleporter.
  • Run to the teleporter at C1.
  • Kill the Gigas / talk to judge / obtain beta key.
  • Take the teleporter at B2 -> start.
  • Run South and pick a chest / dragon fight (2 dragons and 4 lesser monsters).
  • You will see that the "Omega Chest" is now unlocked, go open it up and you will be teleported to a big room.
  • Have your party heal and buff up and talk to the "Judge" to start the boss fight with the Lamia Comitis and 2 gigas. Once you kill them the quest is done.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • When going to kill Gigas for beta keys if your group is experienced (fully maxed out gr12 or above gear) you can split your group into 2 teams of 2 to get the 2 beta keys much faster.
  • If you want an S without killing the Lamia Comitis, then kill every single elemental during the fight with the 2 Gigas's for beta keys. Make sure they stop respawning BEFORE you kill the Gigas. The Elementals give large amounts of GR which will secure you an S rank without fighting the final boss (as long as you do both beta chests in a good amount of time, 0-30 Minutes). This will get you an S rank without fighting the Lamia and give you Lamia loot in the reward table still. It is usually worth it to just kill the Gigas and fight the Lamia anyway, this is only good if you are in a subpar group.
  • You get all the dragons you fight in the reward table. So mix and match. A Popular choice of chest order is Wind>Fire>Ice>Fire. This usually gets you the best drops in terms of usefulness and rarity in general. If you really need Earth dragon loot farm them in Lumps 3. (The loot CAN INCLUDE Elemental Dragon Skull+.)
  • Do not kill the Elementals during fights with gigas, they will just respawn. Unless if you are going for the S rank without Lamia fight you should not kill them until after the Gigas is dead.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 9GR 12
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