The Windfrocker

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The Windfrocker
Locations:Frass Chasm
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:026
Suggested Level:70+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

I wanna be a big, strong Windwalker just like Captain Osmund, but the grown-ups tell me I'm too young! I wish i could at least get a Windwalker outfit and pretend. Could you help me out?

Make Mearle's dream come true.


  • Players(s) wiped out during battle.
  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] Determining Quest Rank

Ideally you should always go for an S-Rank when completing this quest for the highest odds of the best rewards but you may want a different boss so here are the other conditions available for The Windfrocker quest.

  • Note - for A rank the boss fight is not easier, but you will get Behemoth and Rudra instead of Efreet and Kraken. A and S rank average the same number of "blue" materials (Magic Crystal Shard & Magic Crystal Lump) in the reward box.
Rank Windwalker Suits / Conditions Boss(es)
B Plain Old Suit - 30 Normal Membranes

Plain Old Mask - 15 Chasm Sprouts

2x Behemoth's
1x Rudra
A High Quality Mask - 15 Chasm Leaves

High Quality Suit - 50 Large Membranes

2x Behemoth's
1x Rudra
S Best Possible Mask - 2 Chasm Flowers, 15 Chasm Sprouts & 15 Chasm Leaves

Best Quality Suit - 20 Giant Membranes, 50 Large Membranes & 50 Normal Membranes

2x Kraken
1x Efreet

[edit] Walkthrough

1. Take the first flower at D4 to south.

2. Skip the small enemy´s at C4 and take the flower to south again.(optional: do # 9. & 8. now)

3. At C5 kill the spider, collect the two lightspots and take the flower to south.

4. At C6 collect the three lightspots and take the flower to south.

5. At D6 collect the three lightspots, go to D7 to collect another three lightspots and take the flower to south again.

6. At C7 kill the spider, collect three lightspots and take the flower´s at C6 and C5 to north.

7. Collect two lightspots, go to B5 and collect another three.

8. Go to B4 and kill Odr and a spider and collect a lightspot.

9. Go to C4 and collect two lightspots

10. Take the flower at C4 to north,at D4 to north again, collect two lightspots at D3 and take the flower to north.

11.Collect two lightspots at E3, kill the spider/greaver and collect another two lightspots. Go to E4 kill Zurthor and a Spider, collect the lightspot, go to D3 collect the three lightspots on that way and take the flower to north. (In a full party you can go south and skipp #12.)

12.At D2 collect four lightspots at the flower and three a little more north. Take the flower at D2 to south and at D3 to south again .

13. At D4 kill the enemy´s and collect five lightspots. Than split the party at the flower there and go north and south to collect three lightspots at D5 and another two at E4.

14. Merge the party at E5 to kill the last spider and collect another two lightspots.

15. Go back to the Startpoint at D4 and give all your quest items to one player.

16. That player has to speak to Dina to create the Best Possible Mask and to Sherry to create the Best Quality Suit, than talk to Mearle. Talk to Hector and you will be teleportet to C1.

17. Talk to Mearle again to start the bossfight.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Normal & Large Membranes can be aquired from small enemies while the Giant Membranes can only be gotten from the bigger enemies (Direspiders and Greavers)
  • The Chasm Flowers are found at E4 & B4, there are always 2 big enemies in these areas.
  • For S Rank it´s recommend not to split the Party. Kill the big enemy´s together to obtain the highest possible amount of Giant Membranes.
  • In bossfight kill the two Kraken/Behemot first. They have less HP and can be killed much quicker.
  • If you're playing solo and already have your Giant Membranes and are looking to fill up your large / normal membranes, the small enemies at E4 & B4 respawn about every 2 minutes.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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