The Greaver's Revenge!

[edit] The Greaver's Revenge!

There's another mutant greaver in Frass Chasm, and this one's worse than the first! Get over there and kill it.

Area Found Frass Chasm
Target(s) Odr (D-4)
Unlocks When Completed bounty "Don't Fear the Greaver"
Suggested Level 30+
EXP 1500
Reward Items Hero's Axe x1, Chromium Pearl Lv. 4 x1, Guardian Pearl Lv. 4 x1
Guilder Reward 900G
GR Points 5000

[edit] Info

The sequel to "Don't Fear the Greaver," this bounty appears in the Guild's list only after the completion of the previous bounty. Return to Frass Chasm and use the dandelions to cross the gulfs. Make your way all the way around to the northwest side, and then ride the dandelion south to the uppermost level of the central multi-tiered rock platform. This new greaver's body is weak against Thurst and Fire attacks, whereas the tail is weak against Fire only. Attack the creature from multiple sides, positioning yourself on the opposite side of your AI companions. Strike from a distance with flame attacks for best affect.

[edit] Trivia

  • Odr is a homophone to the word "odor". This is probably because greavers tend to emit foul-smelling, putrid, and even poisonous gases.
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