The Azure Dragon

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The Azure Dragon
Locations:Van Haven Wasteland
Unlocks When:Complete Van Haven Wasteland
Guild Ranks:01419
Suggested Level:31+46+71+

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Speak with Therese and accept her challenge.
  • Go and kill the Dire Waterspiders in the large rooms at these locations: G4, E3, E5, C4
    • Killing direspiders does not result in the markers going away. The markers are places you can go to summon the dragon once you have the horn.
  • Speak with Therese again after killing at least three spiders and she'll give you the Dragon Horn.
    • The amount of spiders that you kill will determine whether she joins your party and the amount of dragons you will have to fight. Refer to the section below.
  • Go to a starred location and use the horn.
  • Kill the Ice Dragon.

1. If you kill 3 spiders : Therese will join your party and you will fight one dragon. S rank is obtainable with this method if you're fast and if you have killed enough enemies throughout the quest.

2. If you kill 4 spiders : Therese won't be in your party, but you still fight one dragon. An S rank is obtainable.

3. If you kill all 5 spiders : You will get a lot of GP and EXP. Also, by doing this you will have to fight two Ice Dragons instead of one, without the help of Therese.

  • Great quest to solo if you have a high level and a low guild rank. Easily-winnable S rank quest that can net you 50K+ GP with the ticket**

[edit] Rewards

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 14GR 19
    S ~11200P 32,064P
    A ~10,800P ~30,000p
    B ~10,500P

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