Sting Kings

[edit] Sting Kings

These giant vespids stormed a mountain shack in the Flandars and are now attacking hikers. Get rid of them before tourism suffers!

Area Found Flandar Trail
Target(s) Mabee (B-5), Yabee (B-5), Dobee (B-5)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 4 part 3
Suggested Level 20+
EXP 1000
Reward Items Heal Potion II x5, Goddess Tear II x5, Heal Drop II x5
Guilder Reward 600G
GR Points 2000

[edit] Info

These three Poison Vespids hover outside the miner's shack in the central west area. All three are weak against Thrust and Water attacks.

Other Strategy
At an average party level when you first unlock this bounty, charging the group of vespids means asking for murder. Another disadvantage is that you cannot use your knight in the shack area. A good method at this point is to lure each vespid one by one into the narrow passage just south of the shack. If you happen to lure two, you may be able to do it, but if you lure all three, you can restart the game and try again if you saved at a nearby Logic Stone.

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