Sinca Village

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Sinca Village


[edit] Background

Sinca Village was an old town near the Dogma Rift. The rift was opened during the great cataclysm 17 years ago, exposing a wealth of ancient machines and artifacts. Sinca Village can be accessed from the world map by selecting the Van Haven Wastelands.

[edit] Treasure

Treasure chests marked with NG+ can only be obtained by playing New Game+ on the original White Knight Chronicles disk only. Playing New Game+ on the WKC2 disk provides no additional treasure chests in any area.

[edit] Armory

[edit] Traveling Merchant Johann

Name Cost
Grandsword 2100
Master Blade 3200
Silver Mace 3200
Iron Tiger 3500
Zanbato 5400
Heavy Axe 3500
Partisan 2100
Castleguard Spear 3200
Silver Bow 2100
Elegant Bow 3200
Light Armor Cost Medium Armor Cost Heavy Armor Cost Shield Cost
Greaver Jacket 1500 Scout's Armor 2240 Silver Plate 2800 Warrior's Shield 2240
Greaver Gloves 770 Scout's Guards 1120 Silver Armguards 1400 Knight Shield 2240
Greaver Pants 770 Scout's Leggings 1120 Silver Cuisses 1400
Greaver Gaiters 770 Scout's Boots 1120 Silver Sabatons 1400

[edit] Notes

Once you have completed the game and the New Game+ option is available you will be able to go through the Rebirth process to gain extra skill points for your Avatar.

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