Job Researcher
Age 23
Weapon Bow

[edit] Background

Setti is a young researcher who lives in Balandor and son to Medius. Leonard and his group originally come to Balandor looking for his father, but when a woman reveals to the group the fate of Medius, they instead set off in search of Setti, who was last seen gathering rocks in the fields. They find Setti in a cave in Balastor Plain and save him from a group of trolls.

Once back in Balador, Setti explains to the group about the Dogma War, the reason the Knights were built and how the Knights are powered. Before he could go into much detail, however, he asks the group to leave, fearing that someone has been watching him over the last couple of days. Before they leave, the group all agrees to meet Setti at the gate of Balandor and set off for Sinca Village, the place where it all began. However, as the group waited at the gate a large explosion occurred setting Setti's house on fire, leaving his whereabouts unknown.


[edit] Abilities

Setti uses a bow in combat. He is also well read in ancient texts, knowing much more about the Knights and the Dogma War then any other character in the game. This also leads him to have his suspicions on Eldore.

[edit] Notes

  • Setti is sometimes the name given to Set, the egyptian god of the deserts, which is ironic given his apparent love of rocks.
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