Rival Survival

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Rival Survival
Locations:Garmatha Fortress
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:026
Suggested Level:80+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A new, evil force has been detected in Gramatha. Most adventurers won't even set foot in the place, but fighters of your illustrious rank might have a chance.

Defeat all challengers.
After defeating any boss, end the quest.


  • Players(s) wiped out during battle.
  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] How to run the quest

Pretty straightforward quest, if you want S rank you need to figh all 4 boss fights, quest can be finished by talking to the shady guy, after defeating at least 1 rival.

Rank is not based on time.

You'll fully recovered after every boss fight, so no need to recover HP/MP.

It's best if everyone takes hammer knight with heroic and spirit lord's barrier.

In all of the 4 boss fights there are 4 shadow soldiers, kill them fast as they do really high damage, they'll get respawnt after a while, always get rid of them fast.

[edit] Walkthrough

Talk to the ??? guy, the floating souls will take form of the story rivals, Belcitane, Ledom and Grazel.

Talk to any of them to start their boss fight.

Belcitane boss fight

Belcitane is accompanied by a Pyredaemos and a Pyredaemos Rex. One person, best with higher RES, should tank Belcitane and take him away from your party, one other should do the same with the Pyredaemos Rex.

Ledom boss fight

Ledom with 2 Lamia Comitis this time, use a simmilar tactic again, splitting the bosses apart, while the pary concentrates on 1 boss. Once only Ledom left one person should verto to make things faster, since Ledom uses physical barrier when enraged.

Grazel boss fight

Adolmaea with 2 Grand Gigas, once again split them and kill 1 at a time, mage can use Inundation spell, to make Adolmaea weak to ice element for more damage.

After defeating all 3 Madoras appears.

Madoras boss fight

Make sure to buff before starting this one, kill the shadow soldiers, preferably one person should verto straight away and kill the mobs fast, unless you have many mages in party. During the first phase, when he's levitating, he uses Eclipse Gate, +Final Apocalypse and Black void (This one doesn't revert your knight). Concentrate on keeping your angels favours and heal up the damage from Black void. Once he goes to the ground he uses only physical attacks, it's important to Dark shot him and slow helps too. He uses physical barrier when enraged, this can be removed with hammer knight. This time when he uses black void your knight'll get reverted, it's good to verto straight away again to quickly get favours back (if you took the heroic and spirit lord's barrier gems for knights).

After defeating Madoras you are done.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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