Ring Leader

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Ring Leader
Locations:Flandar Trail
Unlocks When:Completed Flandar Trail
Guild Ranks:01419
Suggested Level:26+46+71+


[edit] Walkthrough

  • Talk to the NPC (Allen).
  • Follow the Stars:
    • Go to the north to enter the cave and get the Blue Crystal by examining the Blue Crystal Mass.
    • Exit to the south of the cave, continue south then go to the east to jump in the hole (D5).
    • Go on ahead, up the cliff and examine the Red Crystal Mass to get the Red Crystal.
  • (Perform optional sub-quest)
  • (Note: This bug only exists on the original WKC1 disk.) When you collect both Blue and Red crystals, it breaks the quest, disallowing you to remove or do the sub-quest First get the blue crystal, wait on the Red Crystal, talk to Derrek, give him the blue crystal, back track and go get the Red Crystal. Return that to Derrak Now give him the Red Crystal. You must have at least 1 crystal with you to perform the subquest see section on Subquest for directions
  • You must now meet Derrek the jeweler at his house, on the west side of the map (keep going west from the red crystal, then north and west).
  • He asks you to kill 10 Basilisks, do as he says by going south. The mobs repop is pretty fast, you should easily find 10.
  • Go back to him. He gives you the Crystal Ring.
  • Go back to the quest giver (Allen).
  • Give him the ring.
  • Boss fight with a Cerberus.

[edit] Subquest

After collecting the red and blue crystals (do this before handing both crystals over to Derrek), head to the southeast of the map and show them to the NPC (Edgar) there. He will give you a Ripe Fruit. Bring this back to Allen (must be done before having the ring made) and he will give you a Bag of Gold Dust. At the end of the mission you will fight a Megalo Tigris along with the Cerberus.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • The best way to S rank this quest is to complete the subquest and kill only the 10 Basilisks, ignoring everything else if you are strong enough.
  • Don't go too far hunting Basilisks, they re-spawn pretty fast!
  • Do not kill any of the Basilisks until someone has talked to Derrek first
  • Derrek says the ring attracts monsters but it's only for the story, the mechanics don't seem to be affected.
  • After getting the ring from Derrek, you can take your equipment off (to preserve its durability) and suicide to spawn back near Allen. (Note that dying won't reset your action chips, but taking your weapon off will.)
  • You can also use a Deathport (as described above) to return the Ripe Fruit to Allen very quickly.
  • If you intend to initiate the subquest, the person carrying the Ripe Fruit must talk to Allen before the ring is handed to him.

[edit] Rewards

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 14GR 19
    S ~8200P 32,000P
    A ~7600P
    B ~7100P
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