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[edit] Rifts

After accepting the Bounty quest "Knight Moves", the game will guide you to the first Rift in the Dogma Rift's Collapsed Shrine. Rifts are marked on the map with a purple-colored portal. When you enter the gate, head for the middle island and you will fight an ark incorruptus. When you talk to Frambroise in Balandor Castle afterward, you obtain an Ark Incorruptus for your avatar.

Rifts are going to appear in all locations with Monsters (but not inside Towns) now. If you visit those Rifts, your HP and MP will be fully restored and you will be teleported to a small map in "The Other World".

It has always the same map layout, consisting of several small and one big island, connected through teleportation spots. Your starting position and treasure locations will be different, so make sure to explore every island.

There you will find strong enemies, guarding rare items for your knights and other usefull stuff.

[edit] Hints

  • Treasures of the same Rifts do not reset, when revisiting.
  • Enemies will respawn after some time, so do not stay in one area for too long, without being prepared for a fight.
  • The starting area is safe.
  • Enemies spawn randomly.
  • In some Rifts, you start on the middle island. Here you don't need to fight on the big island.
  • The large enemies inside rifts give tier 3 drops but are significantly less powerful then they would be in quests otherwise necessary to get said drops. Only exception is Incorruptus knights which can but don't always.

[edit] Tactics

  • The outer islands feature some small enemies and one big. Sometimes, there is no big enemy.
  • The middle island usually features many small and 1-2 strong big enemies.
  • Kill the small enemies first. The shadow wizards, soldiers, archers and stalkers should be first priority, because they inflict nasty status effects (like paralyze and silence).
  • For the middle island, summon a knight as soon as you arrive and set one party member to "heal first". Then focus on small enemies.
  • Small enemies can be summoned by big enemies on middle island or they may respawn if the fight takes too long, so pay attention and kill them, when they do.
  • Restoring your knight's mana is essential on the middle island. So you should bring some mana potions or use the Spirit's Hymn Bow skill.
  • You cannot pass between islands if enemies detect you, so stay prepared at all times.
  • At lower levels, elemental lords (Efreet, Kraken, Rudra, Behemoth) and easily wipe you out by using skills that make you susceptible to their elemental area magic and summoning appropriate element minions that bombard you with spells consecutively. Even with a knight it can be tedious. It is recommended for you to cast the staff Shield spells on party members or countering with opposite elemental magic.

[edit] Locations

Location Coordinates Treasure Notes
Dogma Rift [B3], Ruins Incorruptus for Avatar Bounty "Knight Moves"
Balandor Castle Secret Passage (Waterway) [B2] Princess' Awakening, Twin-deamon Eye+, Twin-deamon Heart+, Mana Potion III
Balandor Castle Secret Passage (Vault) [B4] Elder Sword, Ignis Wyvern Eye, Ignis Wyvern Patagium, Mana Potion III
Balastor Plain [G3] Elder Helm, Broken Gear, Gold-copper Alloy, Mana Potion III Starting on middle Island, East and West middle Islands not accessible.
Greydall Plain [C4] Elder Aegis, Magnetic Crystal, Insulated Magic Needle, Mana Potion III Starting on middle Island, North and South middle Islands not accessible.
Nordia Tunnels [D3], B2 Elder Armor, Glacies Wyvern Eye, Wyvern Heart, Mana Potion III Starts on North-east corner and have to go around the Middle island to get to the Middle island
Lagnish Desert [G4] Windolt 443, Power Gem II, Spirit Lord Pot, Mana Potion III All chests located on Centre Island
Lagnish Desert [C3] Philosopher's Grace, Asmium 899, Tabnesium 332, Mana Potion III Starting on North middle Island, Middle Islands and all Outer corner Islands not accessible.
Flandar Trail [B4] Elder Fists, Rosenium 776, Woltarine 566, Mana Potion III
Bunker Lode Caverns [D3], B0 Guard Gem II, Mana Potion III, Ventus Wyvern eye, Solum Wyvern patagium
Bunker Lode Caverns [D2], B2 Elder Tassets, Glacies Wyvern patagium, Mana Potion III, Lump of Gold
Greede's Underbelly [C4], B2 Flemron 208 A1, Lump of Gold A3, Mana Potion III D3, Pointy Demon Tail D1 Starting on middle Island
Greede's Underbelly [C3], B3 Princess' Grace, Ventus Wyvern patagium, Mana Potion III, Solum Wyvern Eye
Frass Chasm [D4] Water Bulwark, Direspider body+, Direspider egg+, Mana Potion III
Frass Chasm [G5] Fulgurstone, Wind-beast tail+, Gold-copper alloy, Mana Potion III
Van Haven Wasteland [F3], Below Ground Spirit Lord's Barrier, Pure Heart, Mana Potion III, Hard massive Jaw Middle Island not accessible.
Van Haven Wasteland [I4], Ground level Magic Gem II, Sticky web fluid, Mana Potion III, Tough thread Starting on Middle Island
Lost Forest [C2] Elder Greaves, Dew Drop+, Mist Crystal+ and Mana Potion III
Lost Forest [E6] Spirit Gem II, Wind-dragon Skull+, Wind-dragon Heart+, Mana Potion III
Redhorn Island [D4] Elder Hammer, Guard Gem, Wind Bulwark, Demon evil eye
Redhorn Island [G4] Elder Spear, Earth Bulwark, Power Gem, Tough Thread Middle Island not accessible

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