NPCs Guide for Dummies 101


[edit] Introduction

Hello everyone, I see most people feel like NPC's (story characters) are useless in the game and Quest/Bounties stuff, but I believe they could become useful once you learn how their AI works.


[edit] Leonard

Can learn skills from the following trees: Sword, Divine Magic, Bow, Elemental Magic, Long Sword, Axe.

Good Healer: Bow and Divine Magic

Good Damage dealer: Sword, Axe, Long Sword and Bow passive skills together give a good amount of HP, MP, DEX, AGI, STR, VIT.

Average Elemental Caster: Even when Leonard has access to Elemental Magic the Staff tree really boost your performance as Mage, but you can try it as well if you want, Daggers have good MAG enhancements.

[edit] Yulie & Scardigne

Can Learn Skills from the following trees: Sword, Divine Magic, Bow, Staff, Elemental Magic, Spear

Good healer: Bow, Divine Magic and Staff Tree to boost MP.

Good Elemental Caster: Staff, Elemental Magic makes a huge boost on INT and MP as well as adding the passives of Bow could help.

Average Tank: Spear, Sword, they could become a good tank since they have a good passive from Spear and Sword skills could come quite handy as well.

[edit] Eldore

Can Learn Skills from the following trees: Sword, Bow, Divine Magic, Staff, Elemental Magic, Long Swords

Good Healer: Bow and Divine Magic are good assets.

Good Elemental Caster: Staff and Elemental Magic are a good boost for INT and MP.

Average Damage dealer : Having Long Sword, Bow and Sword passives could help him be a good damage dealer if you are a Long Sword lover or any other weapons to deal damage or just get the passives of Long Swords to play it as healer or tank.

[edit] Caesar

Can Learn Skills from the following trees: Sword, Divine Magic, Spear, Elemental Magic, Long Sword, Axe.

Good Damage dealer: Sword, Axe, Long Sword and Spear have passive skills together to give a good amount of HP, MP, STR, VIT, DEX, AGI.

Good Tank: Since he can get Spear, Long Sword, Axe and Sword passives that could make him become a perfect tank.

Average Elemental Caster: Even when he has access to Elemental Magic tree the Staff tree really boost your performance as a Mage, but you can try it as well if you want, Daggers have good MAG enhancements.

Average Healer: Even without Staff or Bow Tree if he uses Sword and you spam Mana Leech could do more stuff with him.

[edit] AI

As some/most people know the AI is not set to actually KNOW the enemies weakness as soon they target it. For that I recommend you to set 6 macros if you have a "Mage" set each elemental macro individually. It also depends on what kind of mob you fight, or the area you are at. For example, in Balandor Plain and Nordia Tunnels most of the mobs are weak to fire so, set fire tier 2 or 3 spells to it. Same applies to Melee chars, set 3 macros for each kind of damage (Slash, Thrust, Strike) 1 with the 0 mp move and another with the 20mp move.

[edit] TACTICS

[edit] Auto

This is the average strategy, but you might be missing some enhancements of the others

Advantage: Is like a mix of all.

Disadvantage: It wont fully focus on one task so that might "confuse" them lol.

[edit] Go all Out

Perfect for Melees and Elemental Mage Spammers

Advantage: They will ALWAYS or most of the time spam the top MP move you set them and heal someone or themselves ONLY when they are in critical state.

Disadvantage: They wont even Raise if you set it in macro (if you CUE them before you die they "may" Raise you, it happened a few times)

[edit] Conserve

Is a balance set they will use average set of skills that wont use most of MP, neither the less.

[edit] Stay Safe

Is a defensive mode in case you need that character to be protected by all means.

[edit] Heal First

Perfect for Healers only.

Advantage: Will prioritize healing and curing status ailments even faster than you do as long as it is set in their bar and if you have a Bow user as healer Spirit Hymn is a HUGE advantage to it. They will raise you instantly as long you they are engage in battle.

Disadvantage: They wont do more than that probably if they wont have someone to heal might throw a sting or something but nothing worthy.


Once you press "R1" and with your command pad they will follow the next commands:

[edit] R1+UP

Fight as they see fit (as it says)

[edit] R1+LEFT

Focus in 1 Target/Point, good for breaking points or attacking a specific part for drops they are very constant in that.

[edit] 'R1+DOWN

Fall Out, is good to make them keep their distance.

[edit] R1+RIGHT

Attack Different Enemies, is good when you have more than 1 mob that are weak and helps you to clean the place faster.

[edit] CUES

They are truly useful in long fights if you set a Buff or AoE even asking a "Go All Out" character they could actually heal or buff depending what the set up you have, it may vary. Heal First: It is recommended you set AoE Buffs like +Haste, +Fortify, and +Mana Barrier to your healer when you Cue to him/her will cast it right up which a very good thing to have. Go All Out: It works perfect when you set combos to your Melees. Quite good when a mob falls down and you want extra drops.


There are skills your NPCs will NEVER use even when you set them in their set bar or how many Cues you give them so better not spend skill points with those instead keep them to use them on passives or other skill sets you might want besides the determined one.


Please use the Passive Skill Guide by YucheeEL [1] for the Passive skills.

[edit] Sword

All Passives, Furious Blade, Raging Blade, Assault Thrust, Raid, Arm Breaker, Shield Breaker. If you can change to them Mana Leech which is highly recommended as well with Twin Blades. In case you want to Master Sword go for the Prowess it increases your damage output.

[edit] Long Swords

All Passives, Deadly Fang, Final Fang, Beast Claw. If you can change to them Demon´s Aura, Spirit Breaker. In case you want to master LS go for the Prowess that helps your damage.

[edit] Elemental Magic

All Passives, for Story or Adventuring use Tier 3 single attacks, I use fire most of the time, In Vell 2 setting "Go All Out and Tier 4 AoE is an awesome help to fast EXP and Money with the fishes. Spirit Lore only saves 10% of the current MP use of each spell, some people say is not worthy but I think if can enhance your Mages performance, go for it, in case you have a lot of points to spare. Even when you are not required to learn the elemental shields for passives or new spells they might come handy, specially the Fire Shield AoE for fights like Pyredaemos from the past.

[edit] Spear

All Passives if you want but sadly this tree does not have much to offer for your characters unless you want to fully tank several mobs at the same time and in story mode, that´s rarely seen. For move sets Omega Strike and Cross Lance. If you can control it Threaten.

[edit] Bows

All Passives, Smoke Shot and Dark Shot, all Expertise, Bolt Doubler and Bolt Tripler, Focus, Spirit´s Hymn. To set Dark Shot, Spirit´s Hymn, Triple Nock, Burst Tip, Angel´s Wing, Judgement. If you control it Conceal is a MUST.

[edit] Axe

All Passives, Arm Shatter and Armour Shatter. If you will use it +Rallying Cry, Blind Swing, Crowd Control. In case you want to master Axe go for the Prowess

[edit] Divine Magic

All Passives, +Haste, +Fortify, +Mana Barrier and buy the next one to Divine Lore if you have points to spare I feel is worthy but is up to you. Skills to set Heal 2 and Heal 3, +Heal 2, +Heal 3, Cure, Unbind, Awaken, Refresh, and Raise.

[edit] Staff

All Passives, Elemental Prowess if you are a spell caster Damage dealer, if healer Divine Prowess although I recommend a Bow healer than a Staff healer. To set Spirit´s Blessing when they get low MP it seems they actually use it, but I think probably in Auto or Heal First because in Go All Out, they did not. If you will control it Mana Parasite, is a MUST HAVE the Seekers could do some good but the NPCs will never use it so not really worthy the damage boost for the skill points spent.

[edit] Guild Rank Farm

If you are tired of having people leeching over Only Game In Town 2 and 3, and have the chance to equip well (Recommended Georama Tier 2 Equipment + lvl70 weapons at least) your NPCs they can become a highly speed BOOST for your GR Farm:

[edit] Only Game In Town 3 (Ogit 3)

Yes, we know about AXE SUPER POWERS but, sadly Axe users as NPCs are not the best thing ever. They wont do Nightmare all the time, so you are the one who will have the hate so that turns down Crowd Control powers awww. Although I recommend using Mages instead, setting Lighting Bolt Spam could become quite worthy. Healer as second NPC in case you lack of it. In my case, I did my character a Mage at the end I had 3AC to use Phoenix Prayer in the next room, passing the 3 harvesting spots plus a chest with Charge Drink 1 was nice to end the quest in 3-4 minutes tops alone is faster than gambling your partners online, having leechers or waiting in more loadings or people to log the quest than you need to.

[edit] The Arena 2

I like this quest more than Only Game In Town 3 is 5k less per run compared to Only Game In Town 3 but you can finish it in half the time, so you get 50k for 4 minutes and you get 30k for 4 min with Only Game In Town 3, you don't need to run or kill yourself just go talk to the Purple hair guy, fight the Troll or the Golem (I do the troll since I use a bow) and the other 2 NPCs as elemental Mages and they DESTROY these mobs in less than a minute, talk to the guy again select "Quit Fighting" and there 25k for you in less than 2 minutes. My record so far is 1:20 minutes and that is with staffs Lv. 75, Apollo's bow +5 (1 earth enhancement 4 raw power) and Geo armor tier 2 STR for me and Lily set for the ladies (they look SO pretty in it).

[edit] Vellgander

[edit] Exp and Rebirths

I highly recommend if you do rebirths for your NPCs and yourself. Do it once you reach GR 22 when you get access to Vellgander : Section 2 and Spirit lords are able to spawn in the rooms, for further instructions you can go to Money and EXP. But even when you will get less Exp if you set 2 Mages as NPCs or 1 mage and an archer (in case you play another role) set Tier 3 and 4 AoE to the Mages once you leave only "ONE" mob (the furthest from the spirit lord) then go to the spirit lord wait for him to summon, engage (don´t engage before he starts to summon or your NPCs will instantly start casting and that means MP waste for nothing) as soon the fishes die disengage and keep holding "O", that will order them to stop fighting which equals stop casting anymore spells that will save you more MP in the long run. I recommend you play as bow user for this you don't need to buy ALL THE TREE, just need Spirit Hymn and Judgement (of course the passive, Focus, Bolt Doubler, and Bolt Tripler are recommended, but in case you don't want to use that many skill points in Bow tree those are the ones you need), because as soon you engage Judgement, disengage and by that time they are done casting, when you get back to the last room with 1 mob alive as well you can use Spirit Hymn to replenish your Mages MP without wasting any items. You will be surprise the amount of MONEY you make after a few runs I am talking around 200-400k each time you go to Vellgander just doing this, selling the items the fishes drop (they store quite fast) plus the Gilda they give (I think is 250-300 per fish X6 that is pretty much 1500, 1800 ) each time you go to the room and you can repeat this every 10 seconds.

[edit] Chest Runs

Well since you are in Vellgander doing EXP anyways, you have to check the rooms for spirit lords, this is a good chance, if you get lucky, to get some good UNIDs in Vellgander : Section 2 they are 75-80 UNIDs, you may get a LOT of platinum sets the whole set is like 200-300 more defense than your Geo tier 2 armor gives. In the long run when you do more chest runs at higher Vellganders might save you from dieing in 1 or 2 hits from mobs. If your defense is EXTREMELY WEAK, use your heavy or best DEF/RES Armor to get into the rooms, and if you can use yourself or your NPCs to boost your defense with Fortify, Mana Barrier or Fate's Favor, If you don't see any chest return immediately. In case you have to enter and feel the mobs will OWN YOU engage a mob then once you see the NPCs Engage, you will see the icon right to their names (you don't actually have to watch them engaging) you disengage even if you die, get at least 1 char in "Heal First" and will Raise you immediately that will make you lose any hate you have from mob while the NPCs are dealing with the mobs you open the chest then run your to the door and then the NPCs will get "teleported" to you.

[edit] TIPS

  • If a boss is weak to any elemental, Elemental damage dealer and tier 3 spell is all you need.
  • In case the boss is weak to Slash, Trust, Strike and not elemental, set melees only in your party with the right set for that.
  • Holding "O" will make your NPCs to stop fighting.
  • When you go to Vellgander for chest run with your NPCs and you are almost sure to get killed in your way to the chest, engage when you are passing the middle, disengage after the other chars engage, even if you get killed as long you have a NPC set heal first she/he will raise you right up and you will lose all enmity from mobs that let you go straight to the treasure without problems while they are dealing with the mobs and in case you die after you can always raise them and so on. This works if you want to speed run through the story in case you don t want to back track mobs all over.
  • Since Mana Leech is not able for NPC AI to use you can switch between chars and spam it once they get enough AC as you see fit it helps a lot in long fights.
  • You can´t access them through quests but you can access their spells out of battle at will just select them put "Magic" and select the spell you want them to cast in anyone that could give a good buffs pre battle or area, you can try to access through menu to buff everyone at the same time for example you cast with your avatar Fate's Favor on yourself and while casting up, you go through the NPC magic spell list cast +Fortify and so on. It works with equipment as well in case they are set to go all out instead of going to their sets you could just change their weapons and set the skills you want them to use with that weapon.
  • If you get irritated by their "comments" in story mode they don´t talk in quest mode. To be honest I kinda miss the "HEY HEY HOLD ON SPEEDY!"
  • In Quests you can use 2 of your NPCs but you can swap them to the others at will even in the middle of the fight as long you all disengage, hoping you survive that long but nothing Dark Shot and Conceal can fix while you do that.
  • When doing a quest where the quest would fail if any player dies, if any of the your two NPC's die during the quest, it does not count and your free to keep doing the quest. The Meddlers quest for example.

These are "suggestions" I am not telling you "HOW TO PLAY" just hope you find this useful to your gameplay, if use it right could enhance your performance A LOT.

And Thanks to crimson-falcon for editing the page ^^

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