Miner Problem

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Miner Problem
Locations:Nordia Tunnels
Unlocks When:Access World Map
Guild Ranks:1419
Suggested Level:46+71+

[edit] Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Maurice
  2. Begin collecting red fragments, blue fragments and eggshells. Depending on the amounts collected, turned in to Maurice and analyzed, the boss fight will change.
  3. Once the desired amounts have been turned in, have Maurice analyze them.
  4. If not fighting the Ancient Dragon, speak to the NPC at the eastern gate (E-3) on the entry level, proceed forward and begin the boss battle.
  5. If fighting the Ancient Dragon,
    1. Go down to the 2nd level and speak to Elliot the NPC at the gate.
    2. Go down the elevator (C-3) and speak to Captain Robert.
    3. He will join you, and must stay alive during the battle.
Boss Red Fragments Blue Fragments Eggshells
2 Fire Lizards, 2 Ice Lizards
1 Fire Dragon 20 < 20 2
2 Fire Dragons 20 < 20 3
1 Ice Dragon < 20 20 2
2 Ice Dragons < 20 20 3
1 Ancient Dragon, 2 Fire Dragons 20 20 3
  • Scales:
    • Red fragments drop from Fire Lizards.
    • Blue fragments drop from Ice Lizards.
    • There are NPCs who give fragments.
      • F1: D-2 (2 blue) and C-3 (2 red)
      • B1: B-4 (4 blue)
      • B2: C-4 (4 red)
  • Eggshells are obtained at:
    • Entry level: defeat the 4 Scorpions in a small cave (F1: B-3) and inspect the flare to examine the nest and obtain an eggshell.
    • Go to and take the elevator (C-4) to reach level B1, then proceed to the elevator in B-3. Take the elevator down to B2 and defeat the Dire Waterspider
      • Take the old sword that it drops to Jeff the NPC beside the elevator on level B1 to receive his eggshell.
    • Proceed to the elevator in B1: C-4. (Alternatively, use the elevator in B1: B-5) Go down to level B2 and defeat the Direspider
      • Talk to the nearby cat to obtain the eggshell.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • The only way to S rank the quest is to fight the Ancient Dragon.
  • The gate that is one-way only during Lost Children can be opened from both sides.
  • A large number of lizards are along the path in B2 from elevator C-4 to the direspider.
  • Although this quest can be completed by have a party member tanking, a far easier way is to stagger all 3 dragons and eliminate the 2 Fire Dragons quickly. One player on each Fire Dragon and two on Ancient Dragon will allow you to accomplish this with relative ease.
  • To avoid Meteor Rain spams, attack the rear legs of Ancient (as this will prompt it to use Tail Strike.) Be warned - If you have ranged members in your party (Bow or Mage) make sure they do not draw Ancient's attention, or this strategy will not work.
  • Carry reviving items if you have space - It is very hard to recover when a party member is down and Raise is risky if there is more than one dragon left alive.
  • Carry Elixirs - They not only can ensure you and your party stay alive; they more importantly can keep Captain Robert alive if he takes too much damage.
  • Sovereign Roar cancels ALL positive Buffs, including the effect of Lifestones.
  • Due to the crowded nature of the 3 Dragon Boss Fight, the +Debuff spells are effective if you find yourself not being able to stagger them quickly. (+Fatigue and +Slow are very useful if your party is not able to kill the Fire Dragons within the first stagger.)
  • DO NOT attack Ancient's Tail until it is almost dead, or you will have an often impossible fight on your hands. (Captain Robert has a habit of doing this, so do your best to finish Ancient off as quickly as possible.)

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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