Mercenary Force

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Mercenary Force
Locations:Van Haven Waste
Unlocks When:Login after Date May 20, 2010
Guild Ranks:1419
Suggested Level:46+71+


[edit] Walkthrough

  1. Go to E-3 to start fighting some Magi Soldiers
  2. Go to E-4 and talk to Therese to have her join the party
  3. Go to corner of E-3 and F-4 and talk to Volgis and agree to crush the Magi forces
    • Go to G-4: Defeat the Magi Ambushes (x2)
    • Go to F-6: Defeat the Magi Ambushes (x3)
  4. Defeat the Magi Forces & 2xBlack Knave at E-5
    • If done fast enough, Gazelle will join you
  5. Defeat the Magi Forces, Black Knave & Pyradaemos at G-7
    • If you don't have both Therese and Gazelle in your party then you will instead fight against 3xBlack Knave's

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Split up to take on the Magi Ambushes to save time. You may not reach Gazelle fast enough if you don't.
  • You can Obtain Union Merc Badges even with B or A Ranks at GR12 level, they are just a little rarer.
  • Therese uses Heal III on herself and the party, so you can relax slightly on the healing front, but do not rely solely on this feature.
  • In the final fight (either with 3 Black Knaves or a Black Knave and Pyredaemos, it is much easier if you split their attention using either Threaten or Provoke. This is especially true with Pyredaemos which can use AoE attacks, making it difficult to protect the NPCs.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 14GR 19
    B 13,580P~14,030P
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