Malletman Emblem

This item is used for making Hammers for your knight and can be hard to obtain.

[edit] How to Obtain

As a rare drop in the "Quest Rewards Box" at the end of the following quests when an A rank or higher is achieved:

Or as a 5% enemy drop rate when killing any Hammer Ark Incorruptus'. Here are examples of quests where they appear:

Or if you are lucky, it can be Geoforged in any LVL 5+ Guild.

[edit] Hammer Ark Incorruptus - Rift Guide

  • Only some of the many rifts in single player are hosts to Hammer Ark Incorruptus'.
  • A better rift to do this in is the one at the very bottom of the bunker lode caverns. Some claim that most of the time, you'll get at least one hammer knight to appear there.

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