Lumber Support

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Lumber Support
Locations:Balastor Plain
Unlocks When:Access World Map after April 14
Guild Ranks:1215
Suggested Level:36+51+


[edit] Walkthrough

  • Speak with Dreardel, who informs you that you need to defeat three Treants in Pimm Forest
  • Go up the hill into Pimm Forest which is infested with Killer Vespids
  • One treant is in the north, one is in the south, and one is on the east
  • After defeating the third treant, go back and talk to Dreardel
  • Quest complete

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Some trees contain unmarked vespid nests which will spawn a few stronger Poison Vespids.
  • The Killer Vespids continuously spawn.
  • Try to draw the treants away from where vespids spawn to reduce the amount of damage to your armor.
  • Having a Mage in your group makes this quest much easier as they have the best AOE in the game to allow you to focus your efforts on the treants
  • Treant's will drop Mist Crystal+ in the lvl II version of the quest despite only being a GR15.
  • WKC1 1.01 patched international edition. If you are trying to solo S rank this quest offline you need only beat the 3 Treants in under 10 minutes. Disregard the reward table below.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

    Quest Complete & Subquest Bonus GR Points
    TypeGR 12GR 15
    Quest Complete 3,000P 11,400P
    Points Required to Achieve Rank
    RankGR 12GR 15
    Time Bonus GR Points
    Time ReqGR 12GR 15
    [0:00:00]-[0:11:55]([0:14:21]) 3,000P 4,000P
    [0:14:22]-[0:15:00]([0:19:47]) 500P 2000P
    [0:19:47]-[0:30:00] 0P 0P
    Enemy Bonus GR Points (Per Kill)
    Enemy NameGR 12GR 15
    Killer Vespid 5P 10P
    Poison Vespid 5P 10P
    Treant 500P 200P
    Total Guilder Awarded by Rank Achieved
    Rank RequiredGR 12GR 15
    S 3,500G  ?G
    A ?G  ?G
    B 350G 2,000G
    C 250G  ?G
    D ?G  ?G
    Possible Quest Loot
    GR 12GR 15
    Treant Face
    Sticky Sap Ball
    Mist Crystal
    Dew Drop
    Dew Drop+
    Earth Stone
    UNID ??? Longsword

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 12GR 15
    S 7750P  ?P
    A ?P  ?P
    B 6,000P  ?P
    C 5,900P  ?P
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