Lost Forest

The Lost Forest, is the first chapter in White Knight Chronicles 2. You land just in time to save Miu and Scardigne from the evil red army troops. After the battle you find yourself in the middle of a civil war, Faria torn apart by the death of the Archduke your simple mission of seeking an audience with father Yggdra has now turned into a rescue mission. Good luck adventurer.


[edit] Enemies

[edit] Treasure

The Steel Gauntlets cannot be obtained until after defeating the Duke Gigas.

Treasure chests marked with NG+ can only be obtained by playing New Game+ on the original White Knight Chronicles disk only. Playing New Game+ on the WKC2 disk provides no additional treasure chests in any area.

[edit] Harvest Areas

[edit] Timber

(found at west E2)

[edit] Insects

(found at G2, southwest F3, north B4, southeast G4, east C5, and southwest E6)

[edit] Cotton

(found at center G3, southeast B4, and southeast F5)

[edit] Flowers

(found at west D2, west C6, east E6, and east F6)

[edit] Mushrooms

(found at northeast C3, southeast F4, west C5, and center E5)

[edit] Lumber

(found at southeast E2)

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