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*This information is taken from the Japan Masterwiki, I've posted as a guideline to what is needed and will be updating as soon as the mats needed in the EU/NA version can be confirmed.
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  • The recipes are calculated as they appear in your guild, and could be different from day to day. They will always be the same equation though, if recipe is Normalx1 + Hardx1, it could involve any combination of 1 Normal and 1 Hard.

[edit] Items Forged

Item Number Made Geostone 1 Geostone 2 Geostone 3
Heal Potion II 10 Gemini Quartz x1 Scorpio Gem x1
Heal Potion V 2 Leo Quartz x1 Cancer Quartz x1 Pisces Gem x1
Heal Drop II 10 Aries Quartz x2 Gemini Quartz x2
Goddess Tear II 10 Scorpio Gem x2 Taurus Quartz x2
Mana Potion II 10 Taurus Quartz x3 Gemini Quartz x1
Charge Drink 3 Libra Gem x1 Taurus Quartz x1
Hierobomb 2 Sagittarius Gem x3 Capricorn Gem x1
Aerobomb 2 Gemini Quartz x3 Capricorn Gem x1
Aerobomb 2 Gemini Quartz x3 Cancer Quartz x1
Pyrobomb 2 Gemini Quartz x3 Leo Quartz x1
Cryobomb 2 Gemini Quartz x3 Capricorn Gem x1
Toad Oil Drop 3 Hard x1 Hard x1
Toad Oil Drop+ 1 Hard x3 Hard x1 Rare x1
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