In Search of Swallowtails

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In Search of Swallowtails
Locations:Van Haven Waste
Unlocks When:Access World Map
Guild Ranks:1419
Suggested Level:46+71+

[edit] Walkthrough

Gather swallowtails scattered around the map.

Amber Essence drops from Treants. Use these on trees to draw out swallowtails.

  • Treants are at C4, E5, C6/D6, and E3
  • Trees are at B5, C5 and C6/D6

There are two boss fights. The first against Pygmy Greavers and the second against Poison Greavers

The total number of all possible swallowtails appears to be 65, although the quest can be completed with an S rank with less than that.

Must get the Antidote Liver from Peyton at C6 to give to NPC at D4 (mid level) in order to get the wind to pick up and use the last giant dandilion.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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