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A lot of information in this article are pertaining to the original White Knight Chronicles and may be outdated for those playing White Knight Chronicles II. The second games includes playthrough of the story from BOTH games, and even if you're playing the first game on teh second disk, the second game's information is valid.

[edit] Purpose of Guild Rank Quests

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White Knight Chronicles employs a rank based Sub-quests system which can be played either off-line (on your own - with just your custom avatar) or on-line with up to three other people and their avatars. In WKC2, playing solo will allow you to use characters from your story as party members.

The main purpose of the Guild Rank Quests are to gain experience for your avatar, gain Guild Rank Points for raising your Guild Rank, and gaining new material for:

[edit] Accessing The Quests

The game uses a system called GeoNet to manage and play the online quests. To access the quests you need to select GeoNet from the Main Menu (press the Tri.png button to make the main menu appear). This will display the following options:

  • Enter GeoNet
  • Online Status
  • Friends List

Selecting Enter GeoNet will connect you to the online server where you'll be given sub-menu's allowing you to create a room, but this is the only command that requires a Logic Stone to access (via selecting the My Town option). You can see what the GeoNet main menu looks like to the right.

From My Town menu, you can either create a new room or select a previously created room (more details on how to do this on the GeoNet page). When you've entered your GeoNet room, you can either create a quest or join a new one.

You can also play quests offline through the World Map.

[edit] Unlocking Quests

Unlocking quests isn't as simple as going onto the GeoNet, and playing the quest of your choice. There are two primary requirements that you must fulfil before the quests become unlocked:

  1. Reach a certain point in the story / story completion
  2. Reach the Guild Rank required for the particular quest
  3. In White Knight Chronicles II, you must buy all quests you wish to become available at the Adventurer's Guild.

In particular, the quests which are require Guild Rank 1-6 can be unlocked as you go through the story-line (and obtaining the required Guild Rank), and for quests which require Guild Rank 7-12, you must have cleared the story. Once a New Game+ is begun, all quests are temporarily locked until they are unlocked as you go through the story-line. Quests that were already obtained will not have to be purchased again.

Additional quests have been announced [1] for release in the coming weeks for free. These quests are unlocked on certain days by simply visiting the world map after the GeoNet servers make them available. They display even if you do not have the required Guild Rank, although story-line progression is still required to reveal the location in the World Map.

To increase your guild rank you must earn Guild Rank Points which you obtain by completing Guild Rank Quests.

[edit] Guild Experience Chart

Up to Level 15 are all from WKC 1. Level 16 up are requirements for WKC2 and up.

Guild Rank Points Required Cumulative Points Required
1 0 0
2 5,000 5,000
3 14,000 19,000
4 28,000 47,000
5 55,000 102,000
6 84,000 186,000
7 134,000 320,000
8 580,000 900,000
9 1,250,000 2,150,000
10 3,620,000 5,770,000
11 6,900,000 12,670,000
12 9,000,000 21,670,000
13 10,000,000 31,670,000
14 11,000,000 42,670,000
15 12,000,000 54,670,000
16 1,200,000 N/A

[edit] Quests

There are 51 Quests packed into the game initially. Additional Quests are added on a weekly basis. Some of these additional quests are permanently added, and some are temporarily available on a rotating schedule.

[edit] Quests (Initial)(WKC2)

Below is a list of all the initial quests, ordered by the difficulty level. In the World Map, these quests have yellow bullet points before the name.

Those quests that are in the first column (Quest Lv. 1) are relatively easy, and once you get to high enough levels, should be easy enough to Solo. Those quests in the second column (Quest Lv. 2) will require better equipment, but may still prove challenging if you go at it solo. The third column quests (Quest Lv. 3) will be all but impossible to solo in several cases, and so you will need to find other dedicated gamers to play with (no longer available with the server shutdown).

The Guild Rank requirement for each quest is written in the column next to the quest name.
The WKC2 EU version has some differences in GR and suggested level, and are listed in italic.

[edit] Additional Quests

These quests are unlocked by simply visiting the world map after the GeoNet servers make them available. All additional quests are indicated by blue bullet points on the World Map. Unlike the original quests these only have two levels. All are Guild Rank 7 and higher.

[edit] Additional Quests (Permanent)

Once added, these additional quests remain permanently unlocked. In many cases, the quest also adds additional Bindings.

[edit] Additional Quests (Rotating)

These quests are unlocked for two weeks at a time by simply visiting the world map during the availability period. The quests will cycle and return again at later dates. Note that any Bindings associated with rotating quests only display in the Binding Post during the availability period (unless the binding was made at least once). However, in WKC2, these quests are permanently available for purchase at some point in the story and do not rotate, unlike the WKC1 explanation above.

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