Graveyard Rift

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Graveyard Rift
Locations:Dogma Rift
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1824
Suggested Level:66+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

Strange portals have started appearing across the world, claiming victims who are never heard from again. We need a brave party to investigate one such portal, located in Dogma Rift.

Pass the trial and return safely.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) wiped out during boss battle.

[edit] How to run the quest

Kill everything then talk to NPC to start boss fight.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • If you are looking for xxx-master emblems, you'll have a small chance of getting them in the loot box at the end of the quest - especially with an 'A' or 'S' rank.
  • Whilst it is possible to get the xxx-man emblems drops from the 4 Ark Incorruptus' in the 4 corners of the map - this is not the best place to farm them. However you can speedrun this quest and get the Swordsman Emblem from the 2 bosses within a few minutes with a good group.
  • There are 2 Hammer Ark Incorruptus & 2 Spear Ark Incorruptus before the main boss fight. They will spawn once you have killed all the enemies in their corresponding sections (North, South, East & West of the map). Additionnaly, you will fight two Sword Ark Incorruptus as a boss.
  • You can speed-run this quest by talking to the quest giver directly after killing the fishes, before using any of the portals within about 3 minutes.
  • The Swordsman Emblem, Spearman Emblem & Malletman Emblems CANNOT be obtained at the end of the quest in the lootbox. But the Swordsman Emblem can be obtained from killing the bosses.
  • Typically, it is faster to go to the Rifts if you are looking for xxx-man emblems, especially if you also intend on farming Karkinos Gigas for Crab-demon parts.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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