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  • One of the WKC2 Gigas'. Visit the Gigas page for more information.


[edit] Spawn Location

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[edit] Boss Strategy

General Gigas will begin in ‘Ostrich’ mode, a state in which he takes very little damage and must be forced to transform in order to be defeated. There are 4 Eyes (Labelled from A – Its Front Left, to D – Its Rear Left). Before General Gigas attacks, one of the eyes will have a purple field surrounding it – You MUST target this eye to cause the Gigas to Overcharge. After breaking several fields, he will transform into his Humanoid form and be vulnerable to attacks.

Just before he transforms, make sure to protect yourself with Fate's Favor or Conceal/DarkShot for archers because General Gigas has access, in his Humanoïd form, to some very powerful AoE attacks such as Bloody Torment and Arcane Light. Ark Knights should turn break these actions.

While in Humanoid form, use your strongest Slash attacks on the same leg to make it fall quickly (archers should use Triple Nock that does more damage than Angel's Wing). With a good team, it's possible to kill General Gigas before it has the chance to stand up again.

[edit] Notes

  • General Gigas is a stronger version of Duke Gigas.
  • He's one of many Gigas'. Visit the Gigas page for more information
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