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[edit] Introduction

Currently in the EU & US versions of the game (courtesy of Patch 1.01) are the new Free Monster Quests which are free quests and available at GR1. They include a variety of Large Enemies in the game, and provide an alternative place to farm to Vellgander.

[edit] Walkthrough

Regardless of which location you go to the style of the quest remains the same. You'll start in a Tier II area (Tier 2 enemy drops) and if you move through the map without using the portals you will progress to Tier III and IV.

Scattered in the quests are portals which mark the entrance to the next Tier and will usually be acompanied by an NPC warning you of such. If you're not going on a harvest run or killing spree for XP points you can use the rifts to travel to a specific location to fight enemies from a specific Tier.

[edit] Enemies Spawned

  • Tranquil Rift (Starting Location) - Tier 2 enemies
  • Unstable Rift - Tier 3 enemies
  • Chaotic Rift - Tier 4 enemies

Kill as many monsters as you want, or kill none. You can end the quest at any time making this a great exploit if you're looking to harvest in your town or change the Guild Quest available.

[edit] GR30 Super Enemies

  • Each quest hosts various Bounty type enemies with boosted power, HP, and defense.
  • They drop Tier IV items with rumors that the rare drop rate increased to 30%!
  • Each quest has 3 different Super Enemies that spawn

[edit] Conditions on Super enemies Spawning

There are various different conditions to get the Super enemies to spawn:

  • Number of steps taken ~ combined with all party members
  • Set amount of time ~ After 15 minutes of running the quest.
  • Number of large + Number of small enemies killed ~
    • 15 Large Killed
    • 10 Large and 100 Small
    • 5 Large and 200 Small

[edit] General Strategies Against the Super Enemies

The Super Enemies are extremely powerful and have a lot of HP. They can wipe a whole team with their AoE attacks. To defeat them you will need at least 2 GR26+ players, one of which must be a tank (either as a knight or spear user) and a dedicated healer of GR20+ that can hang back and support.

Ideally, you should have 3 or more GR26+ players comprising of a tank, DPS & support players. If you quest with anyone <GR20 they should only focus on supportive actions and must hang back as they definately will get killed by 1 attack.

Below are 2 main strategies that will help:

  • A reliable defensive strategy is to use an incorruptus equipped with a shield and to cast Guardian Aura (hold R1 and Triangle). All players near the incorruptus will take zero damage so hit the boss as much as you can before Guardian Aura wears off. Other people from the team should cast Fate's Favor on you (so that you don't get knocked down) and give you MP and HP. Equipping your Knight with Incorruptus armor sets that boost MP like the Adolmaea or Larvayne Set is a good idea.

Note - The above strategy is ineffective when you have less than 2 GR26+ DPS dealers as your incorruptus will not be able to deal damage whilst in Guardian Aura.

  • A more offensive strategy is to Fate's Favor and Angel's Favor everyone to nullify damage. An ideal team would be of Mages, Axes, and Bows : Mages favor everyone with their fast spell casting, Bows MP the party with Spirit's Hymn, and Axes for high DPS. It's not always possible to cast both favors on everyone so you'll need to learn who to prioritise depending on the boss you're fighting. Generally speaking those closest to the boss will need these buffs more often.

Note - The above strategy requires good teamwork and timing more than any other. You will still need someone to tank the boss and avoid AoE hits as these can remove the whole party's buffs instantly.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • If at any point the team has 4 deaths it is prudent to end the quest manually to prevent a quest failed if you die again.
  • In each quest is a SUPER ENEMY that is a suped up GR30 version of a bounty quest. Depending on your DEF/RES rating when enraged they can 1 hit kill even the most seasoned GR26+ players. They always spawn in specific spots, making them easy to find (or most likely, avoid)!

[edit] Quest Rewards

  • Each quest gives a different set of harvestable materials dependant on the completion Rank gained.
  • S-Rank reward box can include the drops of any of the 3 super enemies if you killed them. However it's possible to get them with a D-Rank without even fighting them but it's extremely rare. The reward box may also include Level 40 UNID's
  • Ending the quest with 20 or more Large enemies will net an S rank but will include harvest mats, and a chance at the UNID's.

[edit] Important Locations

  • Don't forget to farm the harvest materials scattered in the maps.

[edit] Available Monster Hunt Quest Locations

Below are links to the individual pages for these quests and specifics on the enemy bosses found there:

  • Release Date Nov. 25, 2011

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