Fire Giant

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Fire Giant


[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses

    Body Part Slash.gif Strike.gif Thrust.gif Fire.gif Water.gif Wind.gif Stone.gif
    Head Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Belly Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Right Leg Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Left Leg Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png

[edit] Spawn Location

WKC2 Only

[edit] Drops

[edit] Thieves' Magic (Steal)

[edit] Skills

  • Trample
  • Heavy Hammer
  • Welter Strike
  • Swipe
  • Can increase strength

[edit] Notes

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