Fire Dragon

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Fire Dragon


[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses

    Body Part Slash.gif Strike.gif Thrust.gif Fire.gif Water.gif Wind.gif Stone.gif
    Head Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Right Foreleg Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Left Foreleg Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Right Hind Leg Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Left Hind Leg Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Belly Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Back Uparrow.png Downarrow.png
    Tail Downarrow.png Uparrow.png Downarrow.png

[edit] Spawn Location


[edit] Drops

[edit] Skills

  • Wyrmageddon
  • Rend
  • Dragonfire
  • +Explosion

[edit] Notes

  • Attack the tail until it drops something (only drops once per encounter).
  • Attack a leg until the dragon loses it balance. Then attack the head until it falls to the ground. When the dragon has fallen to its side, combo the back for extra drops (so save your good combo for when it falls).
  • You can reset an encounter by going away and fighting something else. When you come back, the dragon will drop extra ingredients from its tail and back again.

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