Lv. 1+

Fiendslayer is an equippable weapon for the Dragon Knight found in E3 of the Van Haven Wastelands.

[edit] WKC2 Stats

Name MP Cost Type Description
Thrust 0 Thrust A piercing thrust.
Slash 0 Slash A downward slash that can cleave an opponent in two.
Sonic Spear 5 Thrust A long range spear attack that unleashes its wielder's spirit.
Wyrm Dance 10 Thrust A flurry of five rapid thrusts that recalls a dragon soaring in flight.
Heaven Siege 15 Thurst A finishing attack where the lance is launched skyward.
Healer Soul 10 HP Recovery A mystic art that recovers the user's HP.

AP 1
Restrict: Dragon Knight
ATK 80
Turn Breaks: 1

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