Feeding Time

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Feeding Time
Locations:Van Haven Waste
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1622
Suggested Level:56+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

Vicious wyverns have been menacing the Van Haven Waste! The client wants the Guild to cull their numbers before they become a threat to Baccea.

Defeat at least two wyvern.


  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] Enemy Quest Item Drops

Creature Drops
Fire Lizard Red Shank
Ice Lizard Blue Shank
Feather Lizard Green Shank
Basilisk Purple Shank

[edit] Shank Colour Placement Locations

Location Scale Colour Required Shank Colour Resulting Spawn
E-3 (Underground Cavern) Blue Scales Blue Shank 2x Glacies Wyvern
F-2 (Above Ground) Red Scales Red Shank 2x Ignis Wyvern
E-3 (Above Ground) Yellow Scales Purple Shank 2x Solum Wyvern
D-6 (Above Ground) Green Scales Green Shank 2x Ventus Wyvern
E-5 (Underground Cavern) Blue Scales Blue Shank 2x Glacies Wyvern
F-6 (Above Ground) Red Scales Red Shank 2x Ignis Wyvern
G-4 (Underground Cavern) Green Scales Green Shank 2x Ventus Wyvern
G-4 (Above Ground) Yellow Scales Purple Shank 2x Solum Wyvern

(If you place any other colour Shank at the above locations, one Wyvern of the colour you placed will spawn along with an associated elemental mob.)

[edit] How To Run The Quest

[edit] Important Notes

  • You require 10 Shanks to trigger an encounter at the marked locations.
    • You require 10 of a specific colour of Shank at the marked locations to spawn the 2 Wyverns.
  • You do not have to end the quest at the NPC to get a Quest Complete. (The Quest will successfully end automatically when the time has elapsed if you have defeated at least 2 Wyvern.)
  • Certain routes do not have the mobs which drop the required Shank colours, and will therefore require you to backtrack when you have collected the necessary coloured Shanks.

[edit] Steps To Take

Step 1

If it is your first time running the quest (or you have weaker party members), you can run this quest as a group of 6 – There will be enough time to slay at least 10 Wyverns in this manner.

If you have experience running this quest (and have relatively strong party members), split the party into 2 groups of 3, with one heading North and the other heading South.

Step 2

Slay the mobs as you progress and keep an eye on the number of Shanks and which colours you have (found in the ‘Quest Item’ list.) When you approach a marked location, call out how many of the appropriate colour you have so the party knows whether you can spawn the Wyverns or need more Shanks.

Step 3

Hand all the coloured shanks to one party member to speed up the process (spawning the Wyverns has no noticeable effect on the death drops or loot of the person who places the Shanks.)

[edit] How To S-Rank

  • To achieve an S-Rank you will need to defeat a minimum of 10 Wyverns of any colour in any order.
  • It does not matter, if time runs out or you end it at NPC.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Farm Routes

  • Avoid combat as much as possible, to save time. With DEF 650+, you may ignore enemies.
  • Take NPCs with you, so they can heal and keep some enemies away from you.

[edit] Starting Area

  • E3/4: Walk past NPC adn jump down. Flowers on your left can be harvested.
  • E4: Walk through western (left) south gate. Theres an Ore spot behing next narrowing.

[edit] Route 1

  • This route takes about 10 minutes.
  • From starting area, head trough eastern (right) south exit.
  • Follow the path south.
  • When route turns north, face left.
  • G5: Fossil, give you Aged-dragon Fossil.
  • Exit cave east.
  • I4: Flower spot on first platform on right.
  • I4/J4: Branch spot, may contain Nymphtail on highest level east, last tree.
  • Enter western cave entrance.
  • H3: Ore spot (Orichalcum Ore) at soutern protrusion on map.
  • Head at south at next crossing.
  • G4: Insect spot adjacent to glowin star.
  • Head at south at next crossing.
  • G3: Insect spot after way turns west (directly before F3).
  • Walk to starting area or die. Continue wtih route 2 or abort quest.

[edit] Route 2

  • This takes about 8 minutes.
  • Take west exit.
  • At first crossing heat north.
  • At next crossing head again north.
  • When outside move right to avoid enemies.
  • Head south, aiming for eastern most tree.
  • E2: Plank (Ghostwood Plank)
  • Move west and head PAST south cave entrance.
  • D3: Branch Nymphtail, western most tree.
  • Enter Cave.
  • At crossing head south, then east.
  • D3: Fossil with Aged-dragon Fossil north protrusion of coridor.
  • Now jump down and head south.
  • At cave exit head straight south to far away tree.
  • D5: Branch spot with Nymphtail at tree on south ledge.
  • Die, exit quest.
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