[edit] Destruction Incarnate

Area Found Redhorn Isle
Target(s) Falak (H-5)
Unlocks When Completed Bounties 1,2,7,8,23,27,32,33
Suggested Level 70+
EXP 3500
Reward Items Helion Armor x1, Helion Fists x1, Helion Trousers x1, Helion Boots x1
Guilder Reward 2100G
GR Points 120,000

[edit] Info:

Falak resides on the east side of the magma lake dividing the eastern section of Redhorn Isle. Therefore it's best not to take on this challenge until the Yshrenians have left the isle and you're familiar with navigating this complex landscape. Falak is a wyvern weak against Slash attacks, strong vs all else but Thrusts. The Ultrasonic Wave emitted from its mouth lowers the Accuracy of all within its Area of effect, which you can counter with various Accuracy boosting skills. Even Lv. 80 charaters take severe damage from its cyclone attacks, so you are advised to raise your levels, equip the best armors an weapons, and create high-MP combos that inflict up to 2000 HP damage at a time.

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