Dragon's Heat

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Dragon's Heat
Locations:Bunker Lode Caverns
Unlocks When:Completed Bunker Lode Caverns
Guild Ranks:01419
Suggested Level:26+46+71+


[edit] Walkthrough

  • Talk to the quest giver in front of you.
  • Head towards the star on the western part of the map. If you come across Mysterious Key(s), see the Subquest.
  • Attack the Fire Dragon. He will flee when you get him at ~75% life.
  • Go back to the quest giver, and he will unlock the eastern elevator.
  • Take that elevator down to floor B2.
  • Take a look at the map. There are 3 other elevators beside the one you just took. Each one takes you to the potential new location of the Fire Dragon.
  • You must complete the subquest now if you wish to only fight one Fire Dragon
  • Start by taking the elevator in the middle at D-2 bottom right.
  • Attack the Fire Dragon a second time. He will flee at 50% health.
  • If you look at the map now before leaving the cave, you should see its new location marked with a star.
  • Head there by taking the appropriate elevator, but beware: if you haven't completed the SubQuest, you get to fight 2 Fire Dragons at once. These can hit really hard, especially if you're solo.
  • Kill the Fire Dragon(s).
  • Quest done, Good job.

[edit] Subquest

  • Get a Mysterious Key. These drop off any scorpions or lizards. You need 4 keys to make it easier.
  • When you get one, unlock the door leading to the north-west fork of C3 on the same floor.
  • At the end of that path, you will find the NPC Dogga. Talk to him. He says he lost something around here.
  • Obviously it's not, so head to floor B2.
  • There, you will need to go to the northern spot of the map (in D2).
  • You will need one key to unlock the door from whichever side you're coming, either left or right near the elevators.
  • You will then need a last key to open the door near the Earth Dragon.
  • Inside that room, you will find a "Lovely Ring" on the shiny spot.
  • Get back to Dogga on floor B1, he will reward you with the Fire-Dragon Charm. This is a quest item, said to protect against Fire Dragons... Subquest done, you can go try it now !

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Mysterious Keys drop off any enemy (except maybe Elementals), but you can wield only one at a time. If you happen to loot more, these will be sent to your Item Storage (you can access it via the Save Point).
  • The final bonus for Mysterious Keys depends on how many doors you've opened, for a maximum of 4. You can get these points even if you do not obtain the Fire-Dragon Charm.
  • To complete the Sub-Quest you must get the Fire-Dragon Charm before you fight the dragon for the first time. The dragon has a different animation depending on if you did it right or not. If he jumps to the left and the last star appears in the left elevator section, you did it right and you will fight one dragon. If he jumps to the right and the last star appears in the right elevator section, you didn't complete the Sub-Quest and you will fight two dragons.
  • To save time with the Sub-Quest, obtain the Lovely Ring first and then go talk to Dogga.
  • After obtaining the ring for the sub-quest, you can Deathport (let the nearby enemies kill you) to save you having to run back to Dogga. To save even more time, have a party member wait by the start of the second encounter and trigger it as soon as you receive the Fire-Dragon Charm.
  • If facing two dragons, the party can usually move immediately backwards so that only one notices the party and attacks.

[edit] Rewards

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 14GR 19
    S 11241P

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