Demon Knight


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[edit] The Demon Knight

The Demon Knight is a devilish incarnation of the White Knight, with horns and a jewel in the middle of his chest like the Sun King.

[edit] Powers

The Demon Knight is far more powerful than the other knights, most of his attacks can almost kill you in one strike. He can use some of the White Knights powers( like Sonic Blade and an attack similar to Talion), but he also has unique abilities he can disappear at any time. Other powerful attacks he has are a giant explosion of dark energy that can cover almost the entire area, and a whirlwind-like blade attack that covers a much smaller area.

[edit] Battles with Demon Knight

The first time you battle The Demon Knight is the end of the main story. The second is the final stage of the Vellgander, both are very challenging battles.

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