Crab Demon-god Heart

Crab Demon-god Heart
Type Monsterdrop
Where Found Karkinos Gigas, Support the Troops 2, Vellgander 10
Cost (Self)
Cost (Guests)


[edit] Uses

  • Enhance the Golutus armorset (aka Goliath in the NA version)

[edit] Description

The Crab Demon-God Heart is required for binding or upgrading GR26 gear, especially the Golutus Armor which is the armor with the best defense of the game (you'll need 10 Crab Demon-God Hearts to upgrade the whole armorset to +10). The Crab Demon-God Heart is the second rarest drop from the Karkinos Gigas, after the Crab Demon-God Eye.

[edit] How

There are only 3 quests where you can get this item : Support the Troops 2 (loot-pool only), Vellgander 10 (5th floor only) and Ruins : Free Monster Quest (Chaotic Rift). There are pros and cons with each quest.

  • Support the Troops 2 takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete with a good group but you get very few Crab Demon-God items in the reward box. However, this quest has some of the best harvesting spots for GR26 ingredients.
  • Vellgander 10 takes generally over 30 minutes to complete but you're not garantied to meet any Karkinos Gigas in the 5th floor because it's a random spawn among Lamia Comitis and Grand Gigas. Also it's the monster that spawns the less so it's not rare to spend over 30 minutes in this dungeon for nothing. However in the best scenario, you can fight 3 Karkinos Gigas. The other advantage of this quest is that you have a chance to get the Wizel Code in the loot-pool, an item required to upgrade your Incorruptus gear. If you choose this option, make sure to take part in a group focused in reaching the 5th floor as fast as possible by skipping the chests and avoiding the Arks.
  • Ruins : Free Monster Quest (as of Patch 1.01) is currently the best quest to farm for the hearts and can be done alone with NPCs provided they are fairly strong. Simply take the rift behind you at the start of the quest and warp to the Chaotic Rift location (Tier IV enemies) to begin the search for Karkinos Gigas. Typically it takes a few minutes or less to find one, if not, restart the quest. Here is a recommended route :
    • Take the rift behind you at the start of the quest
    • Go to D1
    • Take the Teleporter at B3
    • C2 (lower platform) is a potential Karkinos Gigas
    • B2 is a potential Karkinos Gigas
    • C2 (upper platform) is a potential Karkinos Gigas
    • Take the Teleporter at C1
    • C2 is a potential Karkinos Gigas
    • Take the Teleporter at C1
    • At C2 you will always find Lamia Comitis
    • At D2 you will always find General Gigas
    • Take the Teleporter at C3
    • C2 is a potential Karkinos Gigas
    • Exit to C3 or deathport
    • Talk to the NPC to end quest

[edit] Notes

Support the Troops 2 is one of the most popular quests of the game.

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