Crab Demon-god Body

Crab Demon-god Body
Type Monsterdrop
Where Found Karkinos Gigas, Support the Troops 2, Vellgander 10
Cost (Self)
Cost (Guests)


[edit] Uses

  • Bind or enhance GR26 gear.

[edit] Description

The Crab Demon-God Body is required for binding or upgrading GR26 gear. It's the 2nd most common drop from the Karkinos Gigas.

[edit] How

There are only 3 quests where you can get this item : Support the Troops 2 (loot-pool only), Vellgander 10 (5th floor only) and Ruins : Free Monster Quest (Chaotic Rift).

Ruins : Free Monster Quest is your best option although the Karkinos Gigas doesn't always spawn, but Support the Troops 2 is a great alternative because you can harvest some of the best GR26 ingredients along the way. It's also a fast quest (15 to 20 minutes with a good group) and you have a very good chance of getting Crab Demon-God Bodies in the loot pool. Only choose Vellgander 10 if you also need the Wizel Code, because this quest is long, tough and the spawn rate of the Karkinos Gigas very low, nothing to justify running it to get such a common drop.

[edit] Notes

Support the Troops 2 is one of the most popular quests of the game.

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