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This strategies on this page are typically designed for this quest only. For more information on other Free Monster Quests and how they work visit the Free Monster Quest page.

Chasm: Free Monster Quest
Locations:Frass Chasm
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:0
Suggested Level:41+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

We've heard Reports that hordes of monsters have appeared in Frass Chasm as of late. Defeat as many as you can and help restore order to the area.

Report completion of your hunt. Run out of time


  • Player(s) incapacitated 5 times.

[edit] Enemies Spawned

[edit] Tranquil Rift

[edit] Unstable Rift

[edit] Chaotic Rift

Here is a recommended route if you wish to clear the Chaotic Rift of all small and big monsters and fight the 3 super bosses. Don't forget that if everybody stays in Chaotic Rift, it will take a minimum of 40 minutes to spawn Weald because of the 200 small monsters you need to kill (you can speed up the process by sending people clear Unstable and Tranquil rifts simultaneously, in which case you can get it to spawn in less than 20 minutes).

- C5 : fly north
- C4 : fly north
- D4 : fly north
- D3 (west) : fly north
- D3 (east) : fly north
- D2 : fly south, after checking if Odr has spawned at B1
- D3 (east) : fly south (on the platform where you land, Aestal will appear if you have killed enough big monsters)
- D4 (east) : fly south
- D4 (west) : fly south
- C4 : repeat the route from step 2 until Weald spawns at B4 (it will take you 3 or 4 trips)

[edit] Super Enemy GR30

[edit] Notes

  • This is one of the most tedious Free Monster Quests because you need to wait up to 1min30 to cross each gorge.
  • Because of this, getting the Windspider boss to spawn takes a minimum of 40 minutes unless you clear several rifts simultaneously.
  • The requirement of 200 kills to spawn the Windspider boss includes the baby spiders spawned by the big spiders.
  • Although the super enemies have a normal drop rate on rare items, it is very high in the reward box (it's very easy to get glands or sacs).

[edit] Reward

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