Cat Power

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Cat Power
Locations:Redhorn Island
Unlocks When:Free
Guild Ranks:122
Suggested Level:56+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline


Defeat the enemy before the time runs out.


  • Players(s) incapacitated during battle.
  • NPC incapacitated during battle.

[edit] Walkthrough

(Note: You can give as much Cosmic Ore as you want to the Ultimate Weapon, up to 10. If you're going for a set amount then only bring that much to the Ultimate Weapon, as a certain amount of ore can change who you will fight in the boss battle. See below sections for more info.)

[edit] Toro and Kuro

  • Starting at G-7 Talk to Toro
  • Head to G-6 and defeat Eka and collect the "Cosmic Ore" #1 shining on the ground after defeat
  • Head to star and talk to Koro and start battle with Hammer Ark
  • After fight talk to Toro to let him join you

[edit] West Path

  • Head across the bridge
  • Use the elevator in SW G-6
  • Southern G-6 defeat Eka and collect Ore #2
  • Head to F-6 and defeat the Spear Ark
  • Head to G-5 south of the elevator collect Ore #3 on the cliff
  • Drop Down and head north and fight Eka to collect Ore #4

[edit] East Path

  • Use the elevator in western H-6
  • Enter doorway at H-6 and defeat Eka and collect Ore #5
  • Head to star and defeat the Sword Ark
  • Drop down south of northern (H-5) elevator to collect Ore #6
  • Continue to fall, run NE and kill Eka and collect Ore #7

[edit] Power the Ultimate Weapon

  • Use G-5 elevator and talk to the Hero's Horse (G-6)(get Ore 8)
  • Collect Ore #9 on the cliff / ledge just beneath of Horse (G-6)
  • Go back up to horse
  • Head south of horse and drop down to collect Ore #10
  • Talk to the "Ultimate Weapon" and select strengthen, giving it 10 Ore will enhance to max.
  • Go to the star and enter the pit
  • The amount of Cosmic Ore you turn in determines who you will fight in the boss battle. See the hint section.

[edit] Ore Guide (Offline)

  • 1. G-6 Spider,SW part(go left when exit first door from start)
  • 2. G-6 Spider,Take lift on SW part up
  • 3. G-5 Cliff,South from lift on a cliff
  • 4. G-5 Spider,North(drop down from ore number 3 and go north)
  • 5. H-4 Spider, South
  • 6. H-5 Cliff,South from lift on a cliff
  • 7. G-6 Cliff,after take lift up go all the way south(SE corner)
  • 8. G-6 Cliff,Drop down right before horse
  • 9. H-6 Spider, In the middle(south from ark)
  • 10. G-6 Talk to horse after beat both arks and have Toro in party

[edit] Tips and Hints

  • Max Enhancement of weapon brings out Adolmaea and 4 Master Assassins, and any level less than that brings out Dinivas and the assassins.
  • Toro is weaker than Roberts after a weekend with Therese so make sure to keep an eye on him at all times. Fate's Favour would be advised. As there is AOE from boss and 4 Master Assassins to contend with.
  • the Arks in Tier 1 of this quest have the chance of dropping -man emblems, ex. Swordman emblem.
  • Sword and Spear ark in second version of quest drops Tier3 items while Hammer ark drop Tier4 items.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

  • Release Date Dec. 8th, 2011

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