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[edit] Background

The Kingdom of Balandor is a prosperous kingdom. It is a lively city divided into the lower, middle and upper class. It resembles a medieval age Kingdom and the protaganist grew up here.

[edit] WKC1 Story



[edit] Armory

[edit] Georama NPCs

incomplete - big circle and castle isnt done - near 3 real shops isnt done

Name Type Town Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Sex Race Req LVL Item Location
Beatrice Miner Balandor Ore+0 Fossils+5 Crystals+3 F Human 10 None wandering close to griffin statue, town entrance
Eileen Chef Balandor Greavers+0 Beasts+3 Lizards+0 F Human 1 None standing at fake store near town entrance
Gordon Miner Balandor Ore+5 Fossils+3 Crystals+0 M Human 10 None wandering outside of the inn/fountain closer to town entrance
Samson Farmer Balandor Flowers+3 Cotton+2 Mushrooms+0 M Human 2 None fixing wagon near fountain closer to entrance
Gunther Miner Balandor Ore+0 Fossils+0 Crystals+3 M Hulk 1 None wandering from fake armory (F-10) to fountain
Ron Farmer Balandor Flowers+3 Cotton+0 Mushrooms+0 M Human 1 None standing outside fake armory (F-10)
Lila Chef Balandor Greavers+0 Beasts+3 Lizards+3 F Human 7 None standing outside house (F-10)
Eli Miner Balandor Ore+0 Fossils+3 Crystals+2 M Human 2 None on the left side of grid (G-10)
Leo Miner Balandor Ore+0 Fossils+3 Crystals+0 M Human 1 None on the left side of grid (G-10)
Irina Miner Balandor Ore+3 Fossils+3 Crystals+2 M Human 10 Red War-hero Coin standing near statue (F-9)
Dareen Miner Balandor Ore+3 Fossils+0 Crystals+0 M Human 1 None standing below steps (G-10)
Ellen Farmer Balandor Flowers+0 Cotton+5 Mushrooms+3 F Human 10 None Wandering anywhere from east exit of town (K-10) to fake markets near great door (H-10)


[edit] Treasure

Treasure chests marked with NG+ can only be obtained by playing New Game+ on the original White Knight Chronicles disk only. Playing New Game+ on the WKC2 disk provides no additional treasure chests in any area.

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