Bad Doggy

[edit] Bad Doggy

A large, unknown beats has started preying on the animals of Greydall Plain. We need a few skilled warriors to take it down.

Area Found Greydall Plain
Target(s) Valk (F-2 or F-3)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 5 Beginning
Suggested Level 25+
EXP 1250
Reward Items Silver Bow x1, Chromium Pearl Lv. 3 x1, Guardian Pearl Lv. 3 x1
Guilder Reward 750G
GR Points 3000

[edit] Info

This giant three-headed hound is weak against Slash and Earth attacks, but it resides in a heavily populated area of Greydall and therefore receives plenty of outside help. Reduce its mobility by targeting the legs and breaking its joints, rendering it prone for several seconds and vulnerable to additional attacks.

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