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Set Name Armor Arm Gear Leg Gear Foot Gear Weight Class GR Level
Admiral Set Admiral Plate Admiral Guards Admiral Leggings Admiral Boots Light 12 50
Aeros Set Aeros Kirtle Aeros Braccae Aeros Shoes Cloth 9 47
Ancient Set Ancient Robe Ancient Cuffs Ancient Trousers Ancient Shoes Cloth 10 50
Animus Set Animus Armor Animus Gauntlets Animus Breeches Animus Sollerets Heavy 9 50
Arcanum Set Arcanum Robe Arcanum Cuffs Arcanum Trousers Arcanum Boots Cloth 12 50
Aristos Set Aristos Dalmatica Aristos Gloves Aristos Slacks Aristos Moccasins Cloth 12 50
Battle Set Battle Armor Battle Gauntlets Battle Breeches Battle Sollerets Heavy - 10
Bloody Set Bloody Coat Bloody Cuffs Bloody Trousers Bloody Boots Cloth 12 50
Blue Set Blue Cuirass Blue Gauntlets Blue Breeches Blue Greaves Heavy 8 45
Breaker Set Breaker Mail Breaker Fists Breaker Culottes Breaker Boots Light 7 38
Caesar Set * Spun Gold Jacket Custom Ring Spun-gold Chaps Silk Boots Cloth * 1
Camaxtli Set Camaxtli Robe Camaxtli Trousers Camaxtli Boots Cloth 12 50
Castleguard Set Castleguard Plate Castleguard Fists Castleguard Slops Castleguard Boots Light - 30
Centurion Set Centurion Armor Centurion Fists Centurion Cuisses Centurion Boots Heavy 10 50
Chainmail Set Chainmail Chainmail Gloves Chain Trousers Chainmail Boots Heavy - 3
Chrome Set Chrome Robe Chrome Cuffs Chrome Braccae Chrome Shoes Cloth -  ?
Clown Set Clown Cloak Clown Hands Clown Bottom Clown Boots Cloth -  ?
Cook's Set Cook's Apron Cook's Gloves Cook's Trousers Cook's Boots Cloth -  ?
Cook's Set II Cook's Apron II Cook's Gloves II Cook's Trousers II Cook's Boots II Cloth -  ?
Cotton Set Cotton Kirtle Cotton Cuffs Cotton Trousers Cotton Boots Cloth - 1
Copper Set Copper Plate Copper Gauntlets Copper Cuisses Copper Sollerets Heavy - 5
Demon Set Demon Robe Demon Culottes Demon Boots Cloth 12 50
Desert Set Desert Tunic Desert Gloves Desert Pants Desert Moccasins Cloth - 5
Dominion Set Dominion Mail Dominion Fists Dominion Braccae Dominion Boots Light 12 50
Doom Set Doom Plate Doom Gauntlets Doom Breeches Doom Boots Heavy 8 41
Dragonscale Set Dragonscale Plate Dragonscale Fists Dragonscale Slops Dragonscale Boots Light 12 50
Drakkhen Set Drakkhen Armor Drakkhen Fists Drakkhen Faulds Drakkhen Sabatons Heavy 12 50
Earth Set Earth Mail Earth Fists Earth Trousers Earth Footwear Medium 8 43
Eldore Set * Wanderer's Robe Leather Gauntlets Wanderer's Pants Bronze Boots Cloth * 1
Elemental Set Elemental Robe Elemental Bracers Elemental Slops Elemental Boots Cloth 10 50
Faerie Set Faerie Armor Faerie Vambraces Faerie Braccae Faerie Boots Light 12 50
Fencer's Set Fencer's Armor Fencer's Guards Fencer's Slops Fencer's Boots - 15
Fire-Dragon Set Fire-dragon Robe Fire-dragon Cuffs Fire-dragon Pants Fire-dragon Boots Cloth 11 50
Forest Set Forest Armor Forest Gauntlets Forest Cuisses Forest Sabatons Heavy 7 36
General's Set General's Cuirass General's Fists General's Pants General's Boots Heavy 10 50
Grappler Set Grappler Mail Grappler Fists Grappler Tassets Grappler Boots Light - 20
Gratos Set Gratos Cloak Gratos Hands Gratos Pants Gratos Boots Cloth 12 50
Greaver Set Greaver Jacket Greaver Gloves Greaver Pants Greaver Gaiters Cloth - 25
Heavy Set Heavy Armor Heavy Gauntlets Heavy Cuisses Heavy Sabatons Heavy 9 45
Hellion Set Hellion Mail Hellion Fists Hellion Trousers Hellion Boots Light 12 50
Hero's Set Hero's Plate Hero's Gauntlets Hero's Breeches Hero's Boots Heavy 10 50
Honey Set (F) Honey Cross Honey Ring Honey Skirt Honey Leggings Cloth -  ?
Honey Set II (F) Honey Cross II Honey Ring II Honey Skirt II Honey Leggings II Cloth -  ?
Hunter's Set (M) Hunter's Jacket Hunter's Cuffs Hunter's Pants Hunter's Boots Cloth -  ?
Hunter's Set II (M) Hunter's Jacket II Hunter's Cuffs II Hunter's Pants II Hunter's Boots II Cloth -  ?
Ice-Dragon Set Ice-dragon Armor Ice-dragon Fists Ice-dragon Faulds Ice-dragon Boots Heavy 12 50
Innocent's Set Innocent's Tunic Innocent's Gloves Innocent's Slops Innocent's Shoes Light - 30
Kaiser's Set Kaiser's Mail Kaiser's Guards Kaiser's Leggings Kaiser's Boots Light -  ?
Kara Set * Leather Bustier Sleek Gloves Tight Pants Long High Heels Cloth * 1
Knightlord Set Knightlord Armor Knightlord Fists Knightlord Pants Knightlord Boots Heavy 12 50
Kukulkan Set Kukulkan Robe Kukulkan Cuffs Kukulkan Trousers Kukulkan Shoes Cloth 12 50
Lamellar Set Lamellar Armor Lamellar Fists Lamellar Cuisses Lamellar Sabatons Heavy - 25
Leather Set Leather Jacket Leather Gloves Leather Slops Leather Gaiters - 15
Leonard Set * Leather Vest Cargo Pants Work Boots Cloth * 1
Light Set Light Hauberk Light Fingers Light Slops Light Leggings Medium - 5
Lily Set (F) Lily Cross Lily Rings Lily Pants Lily Leggings Cloth -  ?
Lily Set II (F) Lily Cross II Lily Rings II Lily Pants II Lily Leggings II Cloth -  ?
Lord's Set Lord's Cuirass Lord's Gauntlets Lord's Culottes Lord's Sabatons 12 50
Mage Set Mage Robe Mage Waistcloth Mage Shoes Cloth - 10
Magical Set Magical Robe Magical Bracers Magical Slops Magical Shoes Cloth 8 42
Master Set Master Lorica Master Guards Master Slops Master Boots Light 10 50
Metal Set Metal Hauberk Metal Hands Metal Pants Metal Leggings Heavy 11 50
Mine Set Mine Apron Mine Gloves Mine Pants Mine Boots Cloth -  ?
Mine Set II Mine Apron II Mine Gloves II Mine Pants II Mine Boots II Cloth -  ?
Mirage Set Mirage Armor Mirage Gauntlets Mirage Faulds Mirage Sabatons 12 50
Misty Set (F) Misty Dress Misty Gloves Misty Skirt Misty Tights Cloth -  ?
Misty Set II (F) Misty Dress II Misty Gloves II Misty Skirt II Misty Tights II Cloth -  ?
Mystical Set (F) Mystical Robe Mystical Bracers Mystical Slops Mystical Socks Cloth 10 50
Noble Set (M) Noble Cotardie Noble Gloves Noble Trousers Noble Boots Cloth -  ?
Noble Set II (M) Noble Cotardie II Noble Gloves II Noble Trousers II Noble Boots II Cloth -  ?
Oberon's Set Oberon's Mail Oberon's Fists Oberon's Slops Oberon's Footwear Light 12 50
Paladin Set Paladin Armor Paladin Gauntlets Paladin Breeches Paladin Greaves Heavy 10 50
Papitaur Set Papitaur Coat Papitaur Gloves Papitaur Braccae Papitaur Boots Cloth - 20
Plate Set Plate Armor Plate Gauntlets Plate Cuisses Plate Sabatons Heavy - 20
Queen's Set (F) Queen's Mail Queen's Guards Queen's Skirt Queen's Boots Light 9 47
Quester's Set (M) Quester's Coat Quester's Gloves Quester's Pants Quester's Boots Cloth -  ?
Quester's Set II (M) Quester's Coat II Quester's Gloves II Quester's Pants II Quester's Boots II Cloth -  ?
Ruler's Set (M) Ruler's Coat Ruler's Gloves Ruler's Pants Ruler's Boots Cloth -  ?
Ruler's Set II (M) Ruler's Coat II Ruler's Gloves II Ruler's Pants II Ruler's Boots II Cloth -  ?
Sacred Set Sacred Plate Sacred Armguards Sacred Breeches Sacred Sollerets Heavy 11 50
Scout's Set Scout's Armor Scout's Guards Scout's Leggings Scout's Boots - 25
Sentinel Set (M) Sentinel Mail Sentinel Fists Sentinel Trousers Sentinel Boots Light 12 50
Shadow Set Shadow Armor Shadow Gauntlets Shadow Cuisses Shadow Sollerets Heavy 12 50
Shell Set Light Shell Armor Shell Vambraces Shell Braccae Shell Boots Medium - 20
Shogun's Set Shogun's Cuirass Shogun's Gauntlets Shogun's Tassets Shogun's Boots Heavy 12 50
Silver Chainmail Set Silver Chainmail Silver Guards Silver Leggings Silver Boots Light - 30
Silver Plate Set Silver Plate Silver Armguards Silver Cuisses Silver Sabatons Heavy - 30
Soldier's Set Soldier's Armor Soldier's Vambraces Soldier's Pants Soldier's Boots Medium - 10
Sorceress Set (F) Sorceress Robe Sorceress Bracers Sorceress Shorts Sorceress Socks Cloth - 25
Spectral Set Spectral Mail Spectral Guards Spectral Culottes Spectral Boots Medium 9 49
Spiked Set Spiked Armor Spiked Gauntlets Spiked Faulds Spiked Sollerets Heavy - 15
Stylish Set Stylish Armor Stylish Gauntlets Stylish Breeches Stylish Sollerets - 10
Slypheed Set (F) Slypheed Dress Slypheed Gloves Slypheed Pants Slypheed Tights Cloth -  ?
Slypheed Set II (F) Slypheed Dress II Slypheed Gloves II Slypheed Pants II Slypheed Tights II Cloth -  ?
Titania's Set Titania's Mail Titania's Fists Titania's Pants Titania's Boots Light 11 50
Traveler's Set Traveler's Robe Traveler's Sarong Traveler's Shoes * 1
Valiant Set Valiant Armor Valiant Gauntlets Valiant Cuisses Valiant Sabatons Heavy 11 50
Valkyrie Set (F) Valkyrie Mail Valkyrie Guards Valkyrie Skirt Valkyrie Leggings Light 12 50
Warlock Set Warlock Raiment Warlock Gloves Warlock Leggings Warlock Boots Cloth 11 50
Warlord's Set Warlord's Cuirass Warlord's Gauntlets Warlord's Slops Warlord's Footgear Heavy 12 50
Warrior's Set Warrior's Lorica Warrior's Fists Warrior's Pants Warrior's Boots Light 12 50
Windwalker Set Windwalker Coat Windwalker Gloves Windwalker Slops Windwalker Boots Cloth 7 39
Wizard Set Wizard Garb Wizard Bracers Wizard Braccae Wizard Boots Cloth - 30
Wraith Set - - - - - - -
Wyvern Set Wyvern Plate Wyvern Fists Wyvern Breeches Wyvern Sollerets Heavy 11 50
Yulie Set * Pamela's Cloak Hot Pants Long Boots Cloth * 1
*Character specific gear.
(M) Male only
(F) Female only

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