A Grave Matter

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A Grave Matter
Locations:Lagnish Desert
Unlocks When:Enter Lagnish Desert
Guild Ranks:01215
Suggested Level:11+36+51+
Max. Party Size:4


[edit] Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Nacelle (F-4)
  2. Go to the Garuda Tree (H-5)
  3. Kill Golems to get Long Wooden Stick (H/I-4/5, alt location E-2)
  4. Use Long Wooden Stick at Garuda Tree to collect Ripe Fruit or Blue Fruit
  5. Get to Selvus's Grave (G-1)
  6. Try to kill Megalo Tigris he will then leave
  7. Offer Ripe Fruit to summon the Boss
  8. Megalo Tigris will come back so Kill him
  9. Pick up quest item Crimstone Pendant
  10. Return Crimstone Pendant back to Nacelle(F-4)

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Offering a Blue Fruit will spawn 10 aggressive Wild Boar (An encounter!)
  • Once you offer the Ripe Fruit, you cannot offer any more fruit. Make sure to offer your Blue Fruit first if you want to get the extra credit. If you got more then 1 Blue Fruit, you can keep trading them after each wave until you run out.
  • It's very possible to not get any Ripe Fruit from the tree on the first set of sticks you got. Simply wait for the golems to respawn to get more sticks, or go to E-2 for three more golems that also drop sticks.

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Ranks

    Rank Requirements
    RankGR 0GR 12GR 15
    S <30 min <17:42 min <18:01 min
    A <30 min <30 min 18:01 - 30 min
    B 30-40 min 30-40 min 30-40 min
    C 40~50 min 40~50 min 40~50 min
    D 50~60 min 50~60 min 50~60 min
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