A Better Mousetrap

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A Better Mousetrap
Locations:Frass Chasm
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:1824
Suggested Level:66+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A group in Frass Chasm is attempting to build a new type of glider, and they've asked the Guild for assistance in completing the new machine.

Assist in assembling a glider.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) wiped out during boss battle.

[edit] Enemy Quest Item Drops

Creature Drops
Treant Wonder Gel
Dire Waterspider
Dire Windspider
Dire Firespider
Spider Sprog
Waterspider Sprog
Windspider Sprog
Firespider Sprog
Light Shell,
Sturdy Shell,
Thin Shell
Giant Vespid
Killer Vespid
Poison Vespid
Sleep Vespid
Light Wing,
Sturdy Wing,
Thin Wing

[edit] Important Locations

  • Main Path (No Crossing): Vespid Drops
  • West Path (Crossing at K-5): Spider Drops
  • Dandelion at K-5: Crossing to Western Side
  • Dandelion at G-6: No Crossing
  • Encampment at K-3: Liliram (NPC) who makes Engine Parts

[edit] How To Run The Quest

Split your party into 2 groups and head towards the crossing at K-5, with one group heading west across the gorge and the other north along the path. The north-bound party will be collecting Vespid drops, while the Western-bound will be collecting Spider drops – Both are required for the higher ranks.

Once both groups have amassed a good amount of drops (this should be when all the enemies are killed and you reach then end of the path you are head down.) Enemies will respawn relatively quickly, so you can kill the new enemies on the way back for more materials.

Both parties need to rendezvous at K-3 (where the encampment and 2 NPCs are standing) and for everyone to hand their drops to one person. This person can then use the drops to create Engine parts and to hand in for the Wings and Body (if more than one person tries to do the last section, you may not achieve the desired result.)

Head back to the start and hand the materials one-by-one to the 3 Glider Engineers – Wings, Body and Engine. Once at least 10 Materials have been added, you can talk to the pilot to start the flight, which will result in the player being teleported to the crash/landing site of the Glider. The party should buff at this point and then talk to the pilot again to start the Boss fight.

[edit] Determining Quest Rank

Rank Conditions Boss(es)
D Hand in any 10 materials. 1x Wyvern Rex
C When a part becomes out of balance and becomes impossible to correct. 1x Wyvern Regina
B Get all 3 parts to ‘Very Good’ state or higher. 1x Wyvern Regina
1x Wyvern Rex
A Get all 3 parts to ‘Excellent’ state or higher. 1x Wyvern Regina
2x Wyvern Rex
S Get all 3 parts to ‘Perfect’ state. 2x Wyvern Regina
1x Wyvern Rex

[edit] Material Values

Each of the materials you collect have a set value they add to one or more of the Glider parts. These values will help you achieve an S-Rank when use alongside the responses of the 3 Engineers.

Enhancement Value
Material Wings Body Engine
Sturdy Wing 3 0 0
Light Wing 2 1 0
Thin Wing 2 0 1
Sturdy Shell 0 3 0
Light Shell 1 2 0
Thin Shell 0 2 1
Turbo Engine 0 0 3
Wing Engine 1 0 2
Body Engine 0 1 2
Wonder Gel 1 1 1

[edit] Engine Materials

There are 3 different Engines which can be produced by Liliram (K-3):

Name Required Materials
Body Engine 5x Thin Wings & 5x Thin Shells
Wing Engine 5x Light Wings & 5x Light Shells
Turbo Engine 5x Sturdy Wings & 5x Sturdy Shells

[edit] Responses And Their State

The key to achieving a high rank is to listen to the response given by the engineers and to use the appropriate material(s) to increase the state of the lacking parts.

State Engineer Response
Poor (Initial)


“Mmm… No, this glider isn’t going to work.”


“You know what? This might actually work.”
Very Good


“!! All right, now we’re cookin’ with charcoal!”


“!! Not too shabby… Not too shabby at all!”


“Dang! This is turning out better than I imagined!”
Out Of Balance


“…Ah, crud. This thing’s all outta balance. No way she’ll fly like this.”

(You will make a part out of balance when you enhance it beyond a perfect state.)

[edit] How To S-Rank

To achieve an S-Rank, you will need to get a perfect state in all 3 parts of the glider, but this is not as simple as using a set list of materials as the required stats. to achieve this state is random for each part on every run of the quest (the value can be 15, 20 or 25 required points.)

[edit] Important Notes

  • You can only use up to 20 Materials on the Glider to achieve a perfect state in all 3 parts, anymore will result in a failed Glider
  • You cannot reset or take back a material once you hand it over, so a single mistake will not allow you to S-Rank the quest
  • You do not require Wondergel, so avoid the Treants as they will waste time in completing the quest

[edit] Required Materials

You will need to harvest (between the party):

  • 18x Sturdy Wings
  • 1x Light Wing
  • 9x Thin Wings
  • 18x Sturdy Shells
  • 1x Light Shell
  • 9x Thin Shells

[edit] Steps To Take

Step 1

Hand all the materials to a single player at the rendezvous at K-3, using 15x Sturdy Wings and 15x Sturdy Shells to make 3x Turbo Engines.

Step 2

Head back to the start and allow the person with the materials to place ALL the parts as necessary, if more than one person tries to outfit the Glider it becomes difficult to keep the parts in balance.

Step 3

Hand in 7x Thin Wings to the Wing Engineer and 7x Thin Shells to the Body Engineer.

Step 4

This is the tricky part, you will need to hand in the remaining materials in-line with the responses given by the Engineers – To aid you in this, a list of possible states and which materials that can be used to achieve the perfect state have been given below. First talk to all 3 engineers, and select the option to leave the part as it is. Look at the comment you receive and compare it with the comments above to see what state each part is in.


Body engineer says: “!! Not too shabby… Not too shabby at all!” (Excellent state)

Wing engineer says: “Mmm… No, this glider isn’t going to work.” (poor state)

Engine engineer says: “You know what? This might actually work.” (good state)

Then just use the table below to see which row has those stats for those parts. In the table below that would be row 2. So you need to use another 3x Sturdy Wings, 1x Light Wing, 2x Turbo Engines to get all 3 parts to perfect.

Part State
Wings Body Engine Materials To Hand In
Poor Good Excellent 3x Sturdy Wings, 1x Thin Wing, 2x Sturdy Shells
Poor Excellent Good 3x Sturdy Wings, 1x Light Wing, 2x Turbo Engines
Good Poor Excellent 3x Sturdy Shells, 1x Thin Shell, 2x Sturdy Wings
Good Excellent Poor 1x Light Wing, 2x Thin Wings, 3x Turbo Engines
Excellent Poor Good 3x Sturdy Shells, 1x Light Shell, 2x Turbo Engines
Excellent Good Poor 1x Light Shell, 2 Thin Shells, 3x Turbo Engines

(You can check the state of any body part by talking to relevant Engineer and not handing them anything, they will then say one of the phrases listed in the "Responses And Their State" section above.)

[edit] Solo Guide

For players who cannot find a party to run with and require either the White Wyvern (Wyvern Rex) or Black Wyvern (Wyvern Regina) drops, you can run this quest Solo with the Single Player party relatively easily.

[edit] Preparation

  • Set your AI to ‘Heal First’ and equip your best non-elemental weapon
  • Setup your Ark Knight with the best Sword, Armour and Shield you can make
  • Carry Heal III and Mana III Potions

[edit] Steps To Take

Step 1

  • For the Wyvern Rex – Go to J6, kill 3 Vespids and 3 Spiders. Go to J7 and give 5 wings (of any type) to the Wing Engineer and 5 Shells (of any type) to the Body Engineer.
  • For the Wyvern Regina – Kill Vespids until you get 10 Sturdy Wings. Go to J7 and give them to the Wing Engineer.

Step 2

Talk to the pilot (as normal) and buff before the fight.

Step 3

Start by breaking the Wyvern's tail for a free drop then aim the head. If you have a weak avatar and can not defeat the Wyvern, transform into your Ark Knight and use your best Slash attack, keeping an eye on your HP, MP and Turn Breaking when the target charges for a Breath attacks. Once you use your Turn Break, block any subsequent Breath attacks to stop your Knight being knocked off balance.

Step 4

Collect your spoils ! D rank will net you White Wyvern parts in the loot box and C rank will net you Black Wyvern parts. B, A and S ranks give both White and Black Wyvern parts in loot box with in general more and better parts. While getting a C/D rank gives worse quality items from the loot box, it's better to do it if you need a particular item because :
- Spawning 1 Wyvern takes less than 5 minutes while spawning 3 can take over 30 minutes
- Killing 1 Wyvern is easily soloable (especially if you play with your companions)
- You will only get items related to that Wyvern in the loot box

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

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