+Guardian Aura


[edit] Introduction

+Guardian Aura (often abbreviated to GA) is a move exclusive to Sword-Shield knight users that is a defensive stance which allows all allies within a set radius of the knight to become invulnerable as long as the knight maintains its MP.

Should the knight user defend too much damage, lose all its MP, becomes staggered or if the user disables it, +Guardian Aura will de-activate.

[edit] How to use +Guardian Aura

White Knight with a sword & shield

Once a Sword-Shield knight user has transformed, by pressing "R1" & "Triangle" they will activate GA. Doing so immobilises the knight and its user will be unable to take any other action as long as GA remains active.

Once activated the knight will continuously lose 5MP at a steady rate until either the knight is staggered, loses all MP and reverts to normal or if the user deactivates GA.

You can deactivate GA at any time by pressing "Triangle". Doing so re-mobilises the knight and be able to perform any action. However GA can only be activated if its user has a Turn Break remaining and since most Swords only have 1 Turn Break this rarely happens.

If possible, get an EU player with a GR27 Knight Weapons to transform as they have 2 Turn Breaks, giving them flexibility to attack and defend or in case GA gets interrupted (see Strengths & Weaknesses) it can be re-activated easily.

The knight user has a yellow bar that only they see. It depletes as the knight defends damage but regenerates over time. Should the bar deplete completely GA will de-activate.

All other members should pay close attention to the knights MP to prevent it from reverting. When a GA knight reverts it so often a disaster for the quest unless another knight user takes its place. So either throw the knight an MP pot, or as a bow or mage user, use Spirit's Hymn & +Spirit's Blessing respectively.

[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses of GA

There are several reasons why you purposefully would not use GA in a quest which is why typically, GA is only used in selective WKC2 DLC quests. Broadly speaking GA is only used in Rival Survival, A Fright of Dragons, The Root of Evil, The Windfrocker or when fighting a super beast in a FMQ (see the Summary FMQ page for info).

[edit] Strengths

  • All questers immune to damage within radius of GA
  • Reduces the need to heal the party
  • Axe users can maintain critical HP levels without the need of Fate's Favour & Angel's Favour

[edit] Weaknesses

  • Some enemy attacks can stagger the knight and interrupt GA. When this happens a new Turn Break is needed to reactivate GA which most users don't have.
  • Madoras can instantly remove a knight from battle by using Black Void in human form, or Condemnation in Knight form, thus removing GA from play.
  • The knight needs a constant supply of MP until the battle is over or the knight will revert. This often causes a quest failure. Therefore, party support is needed which can be hard to find when questing with in rooms.
  • The knight is immobilised while using GA, meaning there is one less party member to deal damage, which can slow the battle down.
  • Whilst party members will take no damage when they're within the GA radius, they are not immune to status ailments and since many enemies cast KO moves, MP DOWN, HP DOWN, SILENCE & POISON this can become problematic if these party members can't support the team.
  • Some attacks on party members will throw them outside the radius, making them vulnerable again. So stay in the circle!

[edit] How to Quest Without +Guardian Aura

Below are some Tips N' Tricks to staying alive during boss battles without using GA.

  • Carry HP/MP potions- Most probably carry MP potions for obvious reasons, but HP potions seem to be under used to me. Reason you want to use these is because they are much faster then Heal 3/4, So therefore you can take another hit before you die and hopefully a team mate will heal you.
  • Use Fate's and Angle's Favors- Most probably get that one.
  • Communication- This one is a big one, without this one no one knows what to do. So before each fight explain what everyone is going to do. If no one listens to what the person says then you probably aren't going to win. So if you just listen and follow what the person said it will probably end up going some what smoothly. If that plan that you had tried already didn't work, share your plan and try it.

This helps out support mages so they can concentrate more on healing and +Haste for everyone. This will also make the fight go a bit quicker since the DPS's will get a higher ATK boost while getting some MP.

Way to execute this way is- Have two or so people have the knight equipped with all the said accessories and have them knight up every so often or when the people need it the most. That way you keep the party buffed up with stronger buffs then Fortify Etc.

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