Sword of Malice

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Sword of Malice is an equip for the White Knight which can only be found on Level 2 (square C4) of Greede's Underbelly. To obtain it, head south from the save crystal on level one, edge left and drop down the drain. The path to the left of here leads to the chamber containing the treasure chest.

[edit] WKC2 Stats

Name MP Cost Type Description
Slash 0 Slash A vertical slash with the power to cleave enemies in two.
Thrust 0 Thrust A piercing thrust.
Strong Slash 5 Slash A horizontal slash with the power to cleave enemies in two.
+Wildfire 10 Slash A mighty attack that uses a lightning-charged blade.
Healer Soul 10 HP Recovery A mystic art that recovers the user's HP.

AP 1
Restrict: White Knight
ATK 40
Turn Breaks: 1

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