Artifex Cometh

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White Knight Chronicles II » Guild Rank Quests » Guild Rank 20 | Guild Rank 26  » Artifex Cometh
Artifex Cometh
Locations:Frass Chasm
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:2026
Suggested Level:76+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

Mysterious figures clad in black have been spotted in the Dogma Rift, and we need someone to investigate and report on their activities. No further information is available at this time.

Defeat the target monsters.


  • Requirements not met in time.
  • Player(s) wiped out during boss battle.

[edit] How To Run The Quest

With low GR rewards and enemies that you can farm in story mode or in Vellgander you'd be excused to think that Artifex Cometh is a waste of time, but it really pays off at GR26!

There's no running around here, just talk to one of the NPC's (Guard of Space, Guard of Time or the Guard of Life) to start the boss battle consisting of 3 large enemies.

Kill the enemies within 8 minutes for an instant S rank. Simple.

The drops in the quest reward boss reflect the MAIN boss you fight and you can potentially get ALL of those enemy drops during this quest, which is why Artifex Cometh pays off at GR26 as enemies you'd normally only find in Vellgander appear here with more chance of getting rarer drops than by simply killing them!

[edit] Walkthrough

  • Everyday the potential enemy bosses will rotate (3 different bosses per day).
  • When you talk to one of the NPCs they will ask you to give them the 10 most common enemy drops (of the enemy summoned by that NPC on the previous day) to summon Today's boss.
  • You must have these items before the quest or you will not be able to complete the quest. When you summon the bosses you will PERMANENTLY lose these items from your inventory.
  • Talk to the NPCs and they will tell you what boss will be summoned today and the boss that will appear tomorrow.
  • Once your ready to fight talk to NPC with the boss you want to kill and hand over the required items to initiate the battle.

[edit] Notes and Tips

  • Usually you will fight the MAIN boss and 2 SUB bosses per quest (A Grand Gigas as your main and 2 Gigas as sub bosses for example) but occasionally you'll fight 3 of the same enemies like when fighting 3 Poison Greavers. So be prepared!
  • Only the person talking to the NPC loses 10 items. So if you take in turns to talk to the NPC's you can run the quest 6 times and only lose 10 items each (if there are 6 of you in a party).
  • You may want to use AC potions before you start if you need a knight but this isn't needed with good teamwork as you should amass enough AC during the fight.
  • Bosses are the same in GR20 as they are in GR26 and rotate on the same days.
  • A quick Completion time is anything under the 5min mark.
  • Don't take your time starting the boss battle as you have a time limit to get an S or it might affect your rank!

[edit] Important Locations

  • You can farm the rarest Flowers and ORE on the left and right hand side of your starting location respectively.

[edit] Possible MAIN Bosses

Below is a list of ALL of the bosses and their number per boss fight. There are 27 different bosses in this quest (15 Main & 12 Sub-bosses). A day last 24h but may not start and end 0000 due to time zone differences. A new day starts at 2000 GMT, 1500 EST and 1200 PST. It is based on your PS3's Clock and can therefore be exploited if you want a particluar date.

Note - The person who talks to the NPC determines the day NOT the quest creator. For Example, it is possible for the quest creator to create a Day B quest and a party member to start a Day A boss battle if they are in diffent time zones!

Day A

Day B

Day C

Day D

Day E

[edit] Reward

With an S rank at GR26 you will net 47,500GR points. Considering this only takes 5 mins to complete this is a good alternative to other GR grinding quests, although The Meddlers I takes the same time to net 73,000GR points so if you don't need drops The Meddlers is better.

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

[edit] Quest Reward Glitches

I don't think that there's is any other quest with this "glitch". Occasionally when completing the quest not only will you get the main enemy drops from that boss, but also a main enemy drop from a different boss!

I've listed some of the examples below but it's not exhaustive. I'm sure there are more so if you know of any other examples please add them below.

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