[edit] Background

Yulie (ユウリ)
Job Wine Deliverer
Age 17
Weapon Knife
Voice Actor Yukino Satsuki/Dannah Feinglass

Yulie is a childhood friend of Leonard and comes from the village of Parma.

Yulie is one of Leonard's oldest friends, and a young woman who believes in truly enjoying life. She's perceptive, and quick to bring a bit of fun to the group. She pays attention to Leonard's moods and expressions, and interprets them better than anyone else, due to their long and deep friendship.

Yulie has a deceptively sly sense of humor, and isn't afraid to poke a little fun at Leonard to make him smile. She's great at lightening a foul mood, and eager to get along with the others. Though it sometimes seems as if she harbours deeper feelings for Leonard, their relationship is almost that of a brother and sister, rather than best friends.


[edit] Abilities

Yulie lacks the ability to learn skills related to the Axe and Longsword weapons.

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