World Tree Branch

A twig from an otherworldly tree. You feel a gentle power flowing from it.

The rarist LUMBER category harvestable. It can be farmed in the below quests or purchased/farmed in certain georama's with 60Lumber & 50Greavers Stats.

  • A Better Mousetrap II (GR24): after you make your way through the 1st tunnel before you reach the NPCs to make the glider parts
  • Support The Troops II (GR26): near the yshrenian siege tower in the southern part of the map near the guy who needs covert-ops
  • A Fright of Dragons II (GR26): near the beginning of the quest on the right side green crate.
  • Quibbles with Kibbles II (GR26): Easiest to farm when no kibbles are present after the 1st boss battle.

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