Wolf's Bane

[edit] Wolf's Bane

Desert dwellers live in fear of two massive creatures they call "wolf kings". It's time for the monarchs to abdicate the throne!

Area Found The Lagnish Desert
Target(s) Garmr (H-1), Grendel (H-1)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 6 part 3
Suggested Level 30+
EXP 1500
Reward Items Heal Potion III x5, Goddess Tear III x5, Heal Drop III x5
Guilder Reward 900G
GR Points 5000

[edit] Info

These twin boars await your judgement in the northeastern corner of the desert. Both are weak against Slash attacks. Garmr is weak against Air and strong against Earth, whereas Grendel is the opposite.

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