The Windwalkers are a group of Papitaurs that reside in Baccea Village in Frass Chasm. They are similar to other Papitaurs in that they are equally technologically inclined and invent and create new stuff.

They developed flying machines which allow them to fly over Frass Chasm. Using these machines, they harvest the gas released by the huge insects that roam Frass Chasm. This gas can be harvested and sold at high prices, most notably in Greede. The Windwalkers do this for a living.

[edit] Notable Windwalkers

Osmund - The leader of the Windwalkers. Opinions from his tribe is that he is quite strange and is generally harsh on his people. However, he is soft towards Rocco.

Rocco - Almost eaten by a greaver, Leonard and gang help him out. He eventually saves Leonard and gang from being killed by the Windwalkers who assumed them to be intruders. Osmund has a soft spot for him.

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