White Knight Chronicles

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White Knight Chronicles
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Developers Level 5
Publisher SCEI
Themes Fantasy
Platform PS3
Release Date JP December 25, 2008
EU February 9, 2010
NA February 2, 2010
AUS February 9, 2010
Genre Fantasy RPG
Ratings ESRB: T
PEGI: 16


[edit] Story

White Knight Chronicles is an epic fantasy tale about two kingdoms in midst of a long-standing war. The King of Balandor, wishing to put an end to the war, invites the duke of Faria to his castle to celebrate his daughter's coming of age. But this celebration is sabotaged by the Magi, a rogue sect seeking to steal the White Knight, an ancient weapon of war sealed beneath Balandor Castle, in order to take over the world. During the ensuing chaos, a young man named Leonard accidentally unlocks the power of the White Knight as he attempts to save the princess. With this power, Leonard manages to fend off the Magi attack, but not before they escape with the princess.

With the kingdoms in chaos, Leonard is entrusted with the mission to find the Magi and rescue the princess. With the help of his trusted companions, they travel throughout Balandor and beyond on a quest to save the princess before the Magi unlock the other knights. The journey is fraught with danger, with Magi warriors at every turn, mythical beasts and monsters to battle, and forbidden powers revealed. As Leonard learns more about the power of the Knight, he realizes that unsealing all of them could trigger a calamity that could end the world.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Combat

Players fight in the Active Time System, which is said to be a hybrid of turn-based and real-time. Players will be able to create shortcuts for their frequently used actions and abilities used during combat. This allows for the customization of ready to use combos and skills.

[edit] Character Customization

Players are treated to an extensive array of various customizable Equipment, Accessories, Weapons, and Armor.

[edit] Online Gameplay

Players are able to connect with an unknown number of friends online via the PSN in a manner similar to that of Phantasy Star Online to join up in quests, level grinding, and item harvesting.

[edit] Features

  • White Knight Transformation - During battle players can transform into the giant White Knight, gaining the ability to challenge large enemies as well as troops of soldiers throughout the adventure.
  • Fully Customizable Avatar - Using a wide array of sliders and customization options, players will be able to create a unique character in White Knight Chronicles and this avatar will join the adventure in single player mode as well as online.
  • Combo Battle System - Engage in an easily accessible, active turn-based battle system that caters to players of all levels. Execute straightforward attacks or utilize the fully customizable combo system to allow players to combine attacks for maximum damage.
  • True Online RPG on PS3 - Experience the first true RPG action game on PS3 that incorporates a variety of online gameplay elements.
  • Environments - Players will traverse through 13 stages as well as visit up to six towns/villages to visit and purchase items at shops or interact with NPCs. Stages include lush fields, open desert, vast wastelands, tunnels, and ruins.
  • Multiple Playable Characters - Six playable characters are available, with up to three controllable characters on the screen at the same time.
  • Ability to Build Special Weapons and Items - Combine different weapons and items to create a huge variety of weapons.
  • Quests - Dozens of unique online side quests are available for players gain special items along with unique weapons and armor.
  • Crystal Camera - Players are provided with a camera called the Crystal Camera and take pictures throughout the journey. Pictures can be set on the top of their GeoNet page.
  • GeoNet - Players have the ability to write their own blogs and communicate with other players.

[edit] Characters

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[edit] Trophies

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