Weapons Exchange

(*)Need 100% in Skill Tree to use it.

Weapons Dahlia Info Stats Effect Weight Unlocked By
Silver Sabretooth 30D Sword Lv. 30+ ATK 47 - Medium Initial
Knight's Sword1 80D Sword Lv. 1+ ATK 56 - Medium After Black Usurper Fight
Chaos Sword 600D Sword Lv. 55+ (*) ATK 110 - Medium After Completing Bounty "The Crystal Cache"
Glittering Sword 5000D Sword Lv. 80+ GR26+ ATK 305


Human Killer Medium GR23
Guillotine Dagger 600D Shortsword Lv. 50+ ATK 83 MAG 95


Poison Light Clearing WKC2 Story
Brilliant Tabar 600D Cleaver Lv. 50+ ATK 107


- Medium Clearing WKC2 Story
Knightbreaker 80D Longsword Lv. 1+ ATK 74 - Heavy After Black Usurper Killed
Chaosbringer 600D Longsword Lv. 55+ (*) ATK 146


- Heavy After completing Errand "Life's Work"
Glittering Blade 5000D Longsword Lv. 80+ GR26+ ATK 388


Paralysis Heavy GR23
Knight's Axe 80D Axe Lv. 1+ ATK 74 - Heavy After Black Usurper Killed
Cosmic Axe 600D Axe Lv. 55+ (*) ATK 145


- Heavy After Completing Errand "Fighter's Words"
Glittering Axe 5000D Axe Lv. 80+ GR26+ ATK 388


Troll Killer Heavy GR23
Knight's Spear 80D Spear Lv. 1+ ATK 55 - Medium After Black Usurper killed
Chaos Lance 600D Spear Lv. 55+ (*) ATK 112


- Medium After Completing Bounty "A Rocky Relationship"
Glittering Lance 5000D Spear Lv. 80+ GR26+ ATK 304


Undead Killer Medium GR23
Knight's Arc 80D Bow Lv. 1+ ATK 43 - Light After Black Usurper killed
Cosmic Bow 600D Bow Lv. 55+ (*) ATK 88


- Light After Completing Bounty "A Wyvern Concern"
Glittering Bow 5000D Bow Lv. 80+ GR26+ ATK 244


Beast Killer Light GR23
Knight's Maul 80D Staff Lv. 1+ ATK 44 MAG 53 - Medium After Black Usurper killed
Chaos Wand 600D Staff Lv. 55+ (*) ATK 87 MAG 109

MP+18 INT+3

Insect Killer Medium After Completing errand "Rags to Riches"
Glittering Wand 5000D Staff Lv. 80+ GR26+ ATK 244 MAG 292

MP+48 INT+8

Insect Killer Medium GR23

1 The 80D Lv. 1+ Knight's Sword has the same name as the 120G Lv. 3+ Knight's Sword found in Parma's weapon shop.

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